Color Comparisons: Pinks and Lilacs, 03 04 05

  1. A quick shot with a cheapie camera at night under fluorescent lighting, but you get the idea (and ignore the background).
    Bubblegum pink 05, rose pink 04, lilac 03 (pewter hardware), lilac 04.
    2nd pic is lilac 04 (left) lilac 03 (right).
    pink_lilac_comp.jpg lilac_comp1.jpg
  2. i would DIE for your 04 lilac! in fact, i'm going short of breath right now!
  3. I love both of the Lilacs! I really think they're the best colors of all the Bbags so far~~ :heart:
  4. And because I think the lilac 03, which is one of my "Holy Grails" can only be appreciated on it's own, here are a few shots:
    lilac03_1.jpg lilac03_2.jpg lilac03_3.jpg lilac03_4.jpg
  5. I would kill for the 04 Lilac.:death:
  6. And more shots of the 04 lilac:
    lilac1.jpg lilac2.jpg
  7. All your bags are so pretty, sunspark! My favorite's the lilac 03! :love:
  8. OMG i love your collection! love pinks and lilacs!!! im so jealous :drool: i hope they sell more pinks next season :yes:
  9. That 03 lilac is stunning!!! I love the picture with all the pinks and lilacs, so lovely!
  10. is that a seafoam first in the background???? omg i would eat my left toe for your collection!!! i love how eveyone chooses such coordinating colors. (I have mostly blacks.... b o r i n g!!!)
  11. Wow, thanks ladies. Um, yet a brand new with tag seafoam first. Which actually has a new owner cause the first is too small for me.
    Um, and I actually have 12 bags right now. WHen I pick my caramel 03 up on Friday I'll do a group shot. I think I have 5 bags with pewter hardware....
    I'll only be keeping 7 though, 5 are gonna be out the door as sson as I can get some good pics.

    Anyway, the ones I', keepiong:
    marron 04
    turq 05
    bubblegum 05
    black 04
    dark turq 04
    lilac 03
    caramel 03

    I guess I have a thing for the older ones.
    The ones I've decided to let go:
    rouge 05
    rose 04
    lilac 04
    seafoam 04
    dolma 05
  12. Stunning collection sunspark~! Safe to say you like pink/purplish colours huh? :p Thanks for posting the colour comparison up~! So much easier to compare this way..I only have a lilac 06 to contribute..[​IMG]
  13. Whops. You only wanted 03 04 05 right? My bad.
  14. Sunspark - I would LOVE to have some of those bags you are letting go! Your whole collection is absolutely gorgeous.
  15. No problem pompom, it's gorgeous. I just have a "thing" for the older, broken in, bags. Especially if they have pewter hardware. Broken in= character. Unfortunately I have too many bags to break 'em in myself (psychiatric help please?).