Color Comparison

  1. How does "whiskey" compare with "cocoa"?
  2. I'm curious too. Here is a side by side of the two colors:


  3. Cocoa
  4. Whiskey is definetly more of a warm color and Cocoa is a cooler color. This is really hard (I haven't seen the both IRL).
  5. Kittybag for some reason the cocoa does not show-up on my screen. The whiskey looks like a great color!
  6. Yes, the whiskey looks divine!! I do adore browns!

    hmmm.. not sure why its not there, but let me attach it a different way.


    Can you see this one?
  7. I wanted to put them side by side again :shame: ... maybe we can pick out the differences


  8. Those pictures don't show the real life colors. Whiskey (tan lining)
    is very...very dark, its stiching blends in with the leather. Cocoa (khaki lining) has contrast stitching, it's not as dark as Whiskey. You can tell them apart in real life. Check out the pictures:
  9. Yes, that post I can see both bags. I am not sure which one. The whiskey seems just a bit richer in color. What do you think?:confused1:

    Also, how does nutmeg and caramel compare?
  10. Whiskey is darker than Cocoa in real life. I don't like them too much, some of that has to do with the not-so-great leather texture of the ones I saw.

    Nutmeg is lighter, I like it more than Whiskey & Cocoa. I don't remember ever seeing Caramel in real life.

    You are looking for Venetia in the brown family right?

  11. Janice, all the Caramel Ventetias currently being listed on ebay are fake.
    You can call a MJ store and ask a SA to take (and e-mail to you) pictures of Cocoa/Whiskey/Nutmeg (and any other available colors from Brown family) together. Seeing them side by side will give a better idea of their differences.

  12. Thanks, I will do just that.