Color comparison ?-- marine vs. blueberry vs ink, and indigo vs ocean vs dark turq

  1. I've looked through the threads showing the most gorgeous shades of blue. :drool: I'm trying to get an idea of the differences in some shades that seem to be very similar, and there are only a couple of pictures showing direct comparisons. Does anyone have pics comparing their blues? Thank you!
  2. Thanks, Jim. I did look there. I was hoping to see direct comparison pics, like cheshire cat's. And someone had posted a pic of blue tassles that was an AMAZING pic. I'm wondering how different is marine from blueberry and from ink, and how different is indigo from ocean from dark turquiose.

    Some of the colors look almost the same in individual pictures. I want to see how they really differ by direct comparisons.
  3. From pics it looks like ocean is *thisclose* to ink, and indigo = blueberry.....
  4. Hi goldilocks- unfortunateyl, I only have indigo, so I can't give you any side-by-side comparison pics. But I'm pretty sure that blueberry is much darker than indigo, and ocean and indigo are probably closest to each other. Since you have EB, it might also be helpful to mention that indigo is not as bright as EB- it's more of a muted blue, reminds me of a denim blue. HTH!
  5. Thanks sunny. Your bag is gorgeous!
  6. thanks goldi! And actually, the indigo in my avatar was taken in very bright light, so it looks brighter in that pic than IRL.