Color coming off of new bag?

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  1. I'm a bit concerned about my neon pink Mini Mac.
    I have only worn it twice ad recently noticed some problems in daylight. I don't think I caused these to happen.

    Basically the color is wearing off in several spots, exposing a greyish tone underneath. It isn't very visible and in places where I can't tell really. A few parts have a little black dot or hole.

    I can only return until 30 days after the purchase and just passed that window, so I'm not sure they would exchange it. And reading about RM quality issues, I'm not sure it would be any better. The leather quality, stitching and color are very pretty and I worry the next bag might lack that. The little flaws don't bother me too much. But I worry this might mean I got a not so well dyed leather and it will continue to worsen? I'm not sure. Can anyone share their experience? Maybe it has to do with the neon color being more sensitive?

    If you think it would get worse even with good treatment let me know and I will try hard to still get it exchanged. Afterall it cost me $250 in Europe :/

    Edit: I will try to add pictures of the wear.
  2. i don't have issue of color being rubbed off for RM bags so far.
    i don't babysit my bags. for most of them i don't apply protection, such as Apple Guard. the only bag that i have has this issue is my Prada denim satchel. i think all denims have this issue so i have kind of 'swallowed' it.

    maybe, you can apply some leather protection, like Apple Guard or something like water-repellent lotion on your bag before use. in principle, it should protect your bags from dirt and water (and i believe it can give some protection to the bags from being rubbed off) so it's worth a try ;)
  3. If it's noticeable to you, I would see if RM will exchange it, that shouldn't happen with 2 uses. I haven't personally had this issue either, but I have seen a couple bags on ebay with a fair amount of color wear.
  4. I have had this happen to RM bags before. I had a glazed white swing that within a week looked grey in many places after the white glaze rubbed off.
  5. Did it continue to get worse? Or did you exchange it?

    Kasey, Riezky
    I don't even think I caused the damage. I just did not inspect the bag well. It looks like actual bits of paint that are coming off. Like old pain on wood :/ I called them and I am actually still within the exchange window!
    They said to take pictures of the damage, so I will do that.
  6. Hopefully the exchange will go smoothly for you, are they asking for pictures before they take it back? Are you exchanging for the same bag? Like you said, I wonder if that's a common issue with neons, or if they're generally ok.
  7. Yes they want to see pictures before! A bit odd for a company that sells designer bags? Or maybe not? I have only exchanged with H&M before and they just asked me to send it back.

    It might be a neon color problem, but I will get it in neon again, in the hopes that the next bag looks better. I really like the neon pink :sad: Honestly, if all Neon bags have a problem, RM certainly needs to work on that. I pay the same price as for other colors.
  8. I bought this neon pink mini mac in March at Nordstrom Rack- it was obviously a return but for the cheap price I was going to take it as is.... this is the "issues" i noticed on mine:


    I was thinking of covering it up with fabric paint/markers. Any advice?

    I also didn't notice the color at the seams on the strap were an issue until I was taking pics!


    Sorry for the huge pics!
  9. That looks like mine! Paint chipped off and on the bottom side of the strap the color is coming off where the stitches are! It was like that from the beginning, but my Green Fossil bag has this too (by the stitches), a bit less maybe, and it hasn't worsened at all.

    Maybe it is a color issue. Is there any way to write the RM staff about this? If more people have the problem they might look into it.
  10. I have that paint chip too on my turqoise Mini MAC! It happened after a couple of uses. I was kicking myself thinking that I must have walked past someone who was smoking and the cigarette ash landed and caused the bag to peel or something.

    After 2 years, and with your photos, now I realised that it could possibly be a problem with the bag itself. :rtr:
  11. Whoa! This is shocking!!!! This has never happened to me but wow I'm shocked. This kind of thing happens to non-leather bags but clearly it's happening to RM's leather. WTH! :tdown:
  12. Wait until you see my bag. It looks like a worn PU bag :sad: I just took pictures. Will try to upload now. I want to write to Rebecca Minkoff's Team too. Has anyone done this before?
  13. #13 Apr 21, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2014
    I was finally able to get good pictures (fashionette requested for me to send pictures of the problem first before they exchange the bag).
    Note that this is not wear that I caused, I wore the bag twice, gently. Some of these I noticed before wearing but I thought I was past the return period, so I kept wearing it.

    See how almost every perforated hole chips? The flap also has some small chips.

    The little piece that holds on to the hardware is grey and crackled all over.

    The sides have this grey hue and the crackling all over too.


    What do you say? I hope that it is just this bag, and not every bag I will get as an exchange! (IF they do exchange it, the guy on the phone did not seem to happy! :/)

    I have seen minor chips on my green Fossil bag after I got it...but nothing like this. :sad:

    Edit: I just saw on their website that neon pink is sold out! In both the Mac and Mini Mac :crybaby:. I don't really want it in another color. I was really set on the Neon Pink and gold hardware. RM bags are hard enough to get here as it is, especially if you might want to exchange the bag. Now I don't know what to do :cry:
  14. !! The grey on the sides is really obvious, as are the chips. I hope that they wouldn't give you trouble with the exchange after seeing that. Sorry to hear that they're sold out, there's always a chance they have one floating around though! Otherwise would you be able to get a refund instead? Lots of other great bags to choose from :smile:
  15. oh no, that's bad! the finishing process is substandard. i think it's not an issue of one or a few bags but the whole batch. fortunately i have never encountered this issue before. what's going on with the quality of the recent RM bags? :tdown: