Color code from Styledrops,need advice..

  1. I just received a email from Styledrops that they might have a partime bbag
    in violine color in gsh.

    They told me that they would be able to get one for me, I needed to check the tag
    to make sure that is the bag I want.

    The number off the tag reads.....173082/D941N/5140
    And the color code is: 5140

    Do you guys know???
    If you do have a partime grape bag with silver, could you please check for me??
    If it matches I might just order from them.

    Thanks so much.....can`t wait.......:p
  2. The color code from the partime in violet I was told is 1031??
    Is that correct??
    Can you guys with a violet or grape partime tell me what you have as a color
    Any ideas??
    Thanks for any advice.
    Styledrops color code for this bag is 5041??