Color Chestnut

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  1. Ok experts, I have been a huge Vera Bradley fan for years, but I grew tired of the patterns and wanted something more,..SO I really love Dooney and I have finally found my go-to brand! I really love the hobos and satchels.

    My point - I have been lusting something in Chestnut. Mainly, the Kingston!! I have the Clayton in Ocean so that bag is also a consideration. I wear black and grey 99% of the time. I wear khaki pants to work with navy shirts. So would buying a Chestnut bag be a waste or an investment?

    Thanks in advance. Sorry for the long intro!
  2. An investment...the color chestnut is a great neutral that looks beautiful with everything. I am about to get a chestnut bag myself, as soon as it comes back in stock on
  3. I agree with Mandy; chestnut is a great neutral and will go perfectly with navy and khaki (and just about everything else)!
  4. I'm with you guys. A chestnut, or brown leather bag is timeless and versatile. It is a great investment, because clothing tastes and styles change often, and more often are less expensive and easier to change.
  5. Thanks MLD, MB and TB! I used to wear all brown so I have some good staples to match. I am strange. LOL.

    I picked one up as-is on the Q this morning. Crossing my fingers its a keeper.If not I will order a FP on when they go back on EP.

  6. That's great Rachael! It's nice you were able to find one in as is. I hope you get a nice one. I can't wait to see. :smile:
  7. Thanks TB. I will be sure to post a picture. I am not brave enough for the mod shot just yet, maybe someday :cool:
  8. Congrats :yahoo: Fingers crossed it's a keeper!
    IMO chestnut is a beautiful and timeless neutral color that will match with anything. Great choice!
  9. Thank you, LG! :biggrin: