Color changes to darker after sun exposure??

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  1. I bought a turqoise LP double zippy bag and it was a beautifully bright turqoise. But after using it for some time (about 3 months?) it's now a dark forest green color!!! some people tell me its the leather tanning and changing color .. but is anyone else seeing this happen? Is there anyway i can revive the color? Thanks.
  2. could be oxidation. I'm not sure there is much you can do to reverse it, but maybe try contacting LP?
  3. I was just thinking about posting this same question. I have the exact same bag and the same thing happened. I feel like mine looks like it's dirty, but I've been really careful about keeping it clean so I'm wondering what is causing this color change or if there is any way to get the bright color back.
  4. A bright turquoise color is very pretty. I'm sorry about your bag, but a dark forest green color is at least goooorgeous.
  5. I would try contacting LP about it. From what I have read they are very good in terms of CS. :yes:
  6. They are good in regards to CS. I got a bag without a sleeper & they sent me one right out!
  7. Yuck! Send it back asap! The should not change like that! I had one and sent it back as it had a slight greenish cast to it but dark green is not right! No matter how long ago you bough it they should take it back and refund pronto.
  8. ALL LPs should be protected from too much sun exposure, and kept in dust bags between wearings. Suntanning is a good explanation, because all natural dyed leather is photosensitive. You can expect fading and color changes or darkening from UV. Your bag is not defective in any way. You can ask about this in the Care Thread for a more detailed response.
  9. If LP does not disclose this with a care card of sorts at the time of purchase, than yes, it would be considered defective. Very few people have professional leather care experience and rely on the manufacturer to disclose any changes that may occur...especially with a color such as turquoise.
  10. BJara ! nice to see you. I understand your feelings and agree, somewhat.
    This is one of the reasons that Dark dust bags are provided for use ! Because protection sprays need to be reapplied a few times per year, it is the bag owner's choice and responsibility, It is possible to darken a bag dramatically by handling it with lotioned hands, environmental smog, laying it on the floor, or any number of other things.OP didn't give specifics or post photos or tell us if she tried to cleanse the bag, applied anything to it, etc. Too much guesswork here. I doubt Turquoise was field tested for three months of continuous exposure but I have seen a very faded blue LP that the owner set in her sunny car window routinely.(Blue bleaches out more easily than any other color so teals and turqs could show more green over time). LP may be unaware of the need to state the obvious. Everyone is familiar with tan bags (of any brand) turning darker, or 'honeyed'. It's natural. Same thing happens to colors.
    Lambskin in particular ~ think of how a lamb would sunburn with all that natural lanolin on it's skin and no wool for protection !
    Anyway, This set me on a search and I will be testing UV protections for naked leather.(being shipped now.)
    If it works nicely, I'll pass along details in the care thread. No way am I giving up my Turq Crocos.
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    Curious to see what you find out.... Although...just to put a wrench in it,LOL, LP is now doing light colored dustbags with the zebra print. I wonder if they will find that the zebra print might allow the leather to be more exposed under the lighter areas of the dustbag....:shocked: Agree about the blue....I saw a Cobalt Mini Speedy in Saks that had been exposed on a shelf that was quite a bit lighter in color.
  12. Think of it like clothing: if it were a blouse, would you suntan through it ?
    UV protection from cloth is dependent upon the tightness of the weave,& heaviness of the cloth. That's why the flannel are so great, but the zebras seem to do just as well. Purses are usually kept in a dark closet anyhow (still need dust bag). I buy flannel pillowcases wherever I can find them, wash to tighten the weave, and add drawstrings for any bags that arrive sans dust bag. Also, I have UV film on all my windows, because my furniture is Nubuck (buffed leather).

    Besides carelessness, if an inappropriate product is used on any leather, color changes are likely to occur, so prevention is the best medicine.

    Now, here's something I forgot to mention, My brand new double zippy was hung outside in full sun for three days. Untreated, and on purpose. NO COLOR CHANGE at all, as you can see, The others have been exposed to various degrees, also without changes from their original, natural shade variations.

    {I have intentionally placed objects on vegtan leather in a bright setting to allow the exposure to 'develop' a pattern. ( always playing:smile: with leather) Some leathers will respond in less than a few hours, so if you wanted to do your logo or monogram....}

    Don't expect zebra stripes to show up on zebra bagged purses.

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  13. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I will post pics of my bag later tonight, and i bet you will be shocked, it really is a muddy green (no hints of turquoise at all!).

    However, i did manage to contact the LP CS and they are really great! They said it indeed was a defective produtc *tear. And they offered me full store credit back since they do not have the bag in stock anymore. But I honestly love the croco double zippy and don't like any of the bags they currently offer online =*(

    I'm thinking I might just hold onto the store credit then and wait till something better comes out .. or just keep the muddy/forest green double zippy?? What do you guys think?

    sigh, i wish they would just have better product consistency :shucks:
  14. pictures !!

    what do ya'll think? anyone have this happen to their poor turquoise croco too? :cry:

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  15. Wow, I can't believe that was once turquoise, it is a nice green though but that is crazy how that turned colors.