Color change for Blueberry..

  1. I know that some b-bag color change with use...ladies with blueberry b-bag, did you bag "darken" or "lighten" with use?? If you have any pics, it will be great too! Thanks!
  2. I'd like to know too... I was told by Terri at Bal NY that B bags fade in time...
  3. i don't have a blueberry, but i have a navy first which is in the same family and the color and leather have changed significantly... at first the color was very deep and marbly. with use the handles darkened and the "body" of the bag streched from the weight and the color became a lot lighter, also the leather became buttery and smooth and a lot less can see my pics in the document bal colors thread... i would say that i've seen the biggest difference in balenciaga blues more that any other color. hope i helped you a little!!