Color Brochure of SS 2007

  1. My S/A sent me a very nice brochure of Act 1 SS 2007, also there is a price list included with the style numbers. If anyone is having a hard time finding info on something post and I will look to see if it is in the brochure.
  2. Very cool! Do you have a scanner so you would be able to post it?
  3. I wanted the price and colors of the country club bowler, if you have it in yout brochure...... :drool:
  4. I do skinny. A lot of the pics have already been posted. But if someone is looking from something particular I thought I might be able to help with a pic or style number or price.
  5. The price is 1995.00. The colors are not listed only shows the green. There are some pics on the board shown in blk/white and another color maybe a gold??????
  6. Awesome =)..i don't know if this is act 1 or 2 or what lol...but I wanted to know the price of the white expendable bag?
  7. ^It is $2395.
  8. May i know how much is the Country Club Tote (the Green one) Thanks heapssss

  9. $1995.00
  10. Kittens---

    I mis-read your post and gave the price for the Country Club tote - I apologize, the bowler was not on the price list.
  11. I read in another post that there are 2 sizes for the expandable in the 'classic flap' style? Do you have the style numbers and prices for both? TIA:heart:

  12. thanks!!!
  13. The expandable bag in the brochure is not in the classic flap style. I think I have seen a pic of the one you are referring to, but I don't have any info on it.
  14. Here is a small picture of 2 of the 3 expandable bags. The small flap bag is not shown but I have seen a pic of it and it is very cute. I think that I saw it at Saks. If you go to the store, or call them, they can give you more info.
    Chanel Expandable.jpg
  15. I do have info on the bag shown on the left. $2395.00