Color Block Check Cashmere Scarf, LE


Jan 11, 2014
I was in Burberry store yesterday and they showed me the Color Block Check Cashmere Scarf. If I get this, it will be my first Burberry piece. I am an LV girl when it comes to bags. But scarf is a whole other story, when it comes to scarf, I am a Burberry girl, for sure. What's cool about his scarf is on one side it is the camel print. And on the other side it has color blocks, Red, Purple, Yellow etc.
It is $650! I never knew Burberry Scarf is that expensive. Anyways, I reasoned this purchase by saying since it is double sided it is really 2 scarves....
My question since I am new to Burberry, I want to wait for a sale, but it's LE so will they run out of stock while I wait for a sale? Please advice me on this purchase, as it is my first of Burberry. TIA


Jul 17, 2014
In my experience with Burberry, there is really no way to know if it will make it to the sale. The dark camel color of the larger color block scarf has already sold out on the US online store so maybe that is a sign that it will be a fairly popular style. If you like it, I say go for it! Burberry scarves are classic and you definitely won't regret it!

Miss Burberry

Mar 22, 2013
Like bandit2015 said what will be included in the sale is really hit or miss ( if there are any left at that point to go on sale). The next sale won't begin until right before Christmas and Burberry scarves are a hot item during the holidays so I would imagine a limited edition one would sell out before getting the chance to go on sale. If you love it I would snag it up while you know you have the chance.


Sep 10, 2009
Brand Heaven
Definitely snag it up till u can! I always buy the Prorsum items that i love at full price. I don't want to worry about the item running out of stock before the sale or during the sale! Peace of mind is definitely worth the money to me.
Mar 15, 2011
I really wanted the scarf too, but I kept thinking about how I could get 1 1/2 of their other scarves for $650 (and will I still like it next year???). I don't know if you ended up getting it, or what your stature is, but I just purchased the children's version of this scarf from Nordstrom (and it was only $250!). I can't wrap it multiple times around my neck and have then ends hang lower, but other than that it is fine for me. I should say that I am petite. I don't think the scarf would work as well for someone who is taller.


Jan 27, 2011
I would say get the scarf now. $650 isn't that bad for the LE scarf. As we all know Burberry only has 2 sale each year. One is for the spring/summer sale which is at mid-May, and the second sale at mid-December. I don't think any classic color/combination will last until the sale happen. The fact that it is reversible makes it more special cuz you can pair it up with more outfits.

I own several Burberry scarves & 2 shawls, most of them were purchased at full retail, but I have no regret because each piece really worth its price. The quality is superior compare to other brand name's cashmere scarf.

If you love it, go for it.


Apr 21, 2011
If you have a specific piece in mind, you should snap it up while it is still available. The issue is that the supply of the Prorsum range tends to be quite limited, so pieces can sell out readily. I for one, enjoy the thrill of shopping the end of season sales but that works for me, since I don't have any pieces in mind.

Happy shopping :smile: