Color: Blanc Vintage / Crema Soft (Toy Loulou)

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  1. Hello dears,

    I have been looking for a Toy Loulou in a lighter shade with GHW for a while.

    Today I got a call from my YSL store because they got a bag in „Crema Soft“ with GHW. As I thought I would find further informations online about this color I did not ask for a description.
    Unfortunately I am not able to find a Toy Loulou in Crema Soft.

    Did anybody already see this shade in real life? Is it the same as Blanc Vintage? How would you describe the color? More of a greyisch white? Or nude? Does it have yellow undertones?

    I found some pictures of other SL bags in Crema Soft and on some of them it looks like vanilla. Additionally the Blanc Vintage looks quite similar on most pictures. Is it the same?

    Thank you so much in advance
  2. I have been too curious so I drove an hour to the store today.

    The color is beautiful! I would describe it as a muted greyisch white with a barely noticeable shimmer.

    Big love [emoji173]️
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