color black for chloe

  1. I read somewhere on eBay that the color black is one of the hardest find color for chloe paddy. Is this true? or someone is making that up?
  2. Well, I think that black is probably the easiest color to find since just about any store carrying Chloe would stock black. ;)That said, black is popular so it may be that it's "out of stock" a lot. But I think that you can pretty much find a Chloe in black if you do a bit of searching. I was at Neiman Marcus in Northbrook Court, (suburb of Chicago, IL) yesterday and they had three medium paddys. :graucho: One in red (they are calling it "vermillion" for fall) one in tan, and one in brown, (brun). No black, but I think that they could locate one for you... :tup:They also had a selection of bays, and the newer style paddys with the little lock and chain going across it...(not my "thing," but there they were, and one of them was black.) :supacool:
  3. I said in another thread that a black Chloe on sale is really hard to get and that they tend to sell out fast.