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  1. We are going to Paris at the end of May and there is a handbag I want to buy there. The problem is the color I want is not available there but it is in the USA.

    I want to purchase it in Paris for sentimental reason (first time in Paris)

    Can they get the color bag from the US shipped to Paris if I make a request to reserve a bag?
  2. there is no transfer from the US to Europe.
    How do you know the color is not available in Paris? Have you reached out to French CS?
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    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
    The notion seems mighty strange to me. I don't think it would be possible, and even if it were, you'd be buying something that wasn't "from" Paris. How sentimental is it, really, to buy a souvenir you had to fully stage manage to buy, including exporting it?
  4. I looked on the France website and the color is not listed. I will email CS and inquire. I didn't think about doing that. Merci Fabuleux!
  5. Yes that's always better to ask directly because, as we know well on TPF, the website is somewhat unreliable!
  6. They could be out of stock online at present time. Phone the flagship store and make an inquiry.
  7. Thank you Fabuleux & img!
  8. What colour ? A few new colours haven't been released in Europe for certain items e.g the cles in grape and the business card holder in vernis poppy x
  9. what bag and color?
  10. Does anyone have the email that I would use to find out if a bag I am interested in is available in a Paris boutique? i wonder if they are prompt in their responses? I am also going to Paris in a few weeks and would like to buy a bag there. Thanks!
  11. Its not a new color :smile:
  12. I will do a reveal upon my return, I am buying that handbag regardless of the color, just hope I get my 1st color choice
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    I was curious in general because I was going to call the customer service team and see if it's available at all in Europe, then let you know. While it's unlikely they will ever send a bag from the US to France, they are more likely to send one from another part of Europe. I've had a piece from Paris sent to me here. Well, my SA requested it when requesting a new clochette for me
  14. I emailed the flagship about a year ago inquiring on the hardware of a certain handbag and they answered within 48 hrs - if I recall correctly. I can't remember the email, look under the France site.
  15. Log on the French website. You can email them AND chat live with their CS.
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