Color and style of a bag to wear to the wedding?

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  1. what type of bag color wise and style should I buy? Ladies I need help.

    I will need a small bag/purse for DD's wedding as I will need to have a wallet, lipstick, face powder, mint what not.

    I am wearing black dress with purple gathered silk jacket over it. It is pretty bright purple (more bluish purple then pinkish) with gold hardware and black patent shoes with gold hardware. My jewelry will be a bit mix of gold and silver hardware as there is some silver hardware on a dress, but mostly gold. I plan on eventually taking jacket off at the reception as it will get hot.

    I do not want another black bag as I have two casual black leather bags already. They aren't dressy though.

    I have one sequin dressy black bag but it has very distinctive silver hardware and it will be a total clash. I have red dressy bag and snake skin brown, wouldn't match at all.

    I just ordered purple patent wrislet from FOS, I am thinking it is a wrong purple plus it might be too small. I want to fit my camera there too.

    I am unable to find purple bag. I would even buy FP with 30% that I have but they have nothing purple! What other colors could i wear? And what styles? I bought toffee Saffiano small satchel, it is dressy but wrong color.

    Of course I could buy other brand but I just want Coach
  2. How about a metallic gold?
  3. I agree a metallic would be pretty.
  4. I wore this for my son's wedding. It was so pretty. A Coach satin clutch. I love the kiss clasp, I wish there were more bags with that clasp.


  5. There are some pretty sequined bags like this on ebay, but most have silver hardware.
    I agree the kisslock is very cool! I am going to follow this thread because I have a very fancy wedding coming up in October - I currently use a Kate Spade black bag, but would love something new.
  6. I use this gathered madison clutch a lot at weddings. It's almost a champagne color & the silver hw isn't too pronounced so I wear it w/ gold or silver. I had gotten a pretty lace cut out shimmery gold clutch from coach last year, but I never used it bc it was so delicate so i returned it.

  7. oh that would be great! but does Coach make any?
  8. oh that is neat. I haven't seen any like this on Coach website.
  9. oh that is neat. i love this one! i have silver wristlet, i bought it for the wedding but then i totally changed the outfit now it won't go. I also have black wristlet with gold hardware but i use it a lot in my bag or run out shopping so i kind of want something new....don't want to wear something i use everyday

    i only have one child so i want it to be all special with me having to wear nice things :smile:
  10. Thank you ladies, I will be checking if there are more posts with ideas, This forum is awesome
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    *This Madison Glitter Lizard Clutch is very pretty. I have this in the shoulder is a soft and subtle metallic. NMA

    *This clutch might work. I have seen it is very beautiful and definitely has enough room for a camera. I have it in the purple is a nice size, a bit on the large side, but not huge.

    ETA: For some reason, I cannot get the link to work properly, but this clutch is available on the Macy's website...and it is on sale!

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  12. I love both of these... I think either would be lovely for a wedding and with the dress you described!
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