Color advice

  1. I am in the loooong process of saving for my first balenciaga. I have been drooling over a City for months and it still will take me a few more to be able to have the money as I have 2 vacations coming up in August and then September.

    My problem is, I will definitely want to use this bag as my daily one and I am confused as to what color to get. Balenciagas just look soooo pretty in colors other than black and brown...but I am afraid that I wont be able to use it daily. Don't get me wrong its not that I don't think it looks good in black, but it just looks so pretty in turquoise, or pink. Anyway, any suggestions on bbag colors that i can pretty much match with everything? Or should I stick with black-brown?

  2. Have you considered the new ivore/ivory?
    That is a versatile colour that will pop with a dark wardrobe while will also go with neutral coloured clothes :yes:

    I got Calcaire (white with pink undertones) that I love wearing with my black suit to work and my white/neutral or bright colour summer dresses :heart:

    Pic: Pale Rose box, Pony w/Calcaire Trim & Calcaire Twiggy both purchased from RealDealCollection - (Pic is courtesy of RDC)
  3. I love my Sandstone & it matches will anything & everything :yes:
  4. I would say it probably depends on a few things... what you are wanting to use it for/your profession and the colors you gravitate towards in your wardrobe.

    I would definately say to get a colored bag first, and then a neutral - because Bal colors are fantastic!! You can carry a neutral bag from a different brand if need be.

    I would look at what you're going to be using it for. i.e. ...a more traditional profession is going to lend itself to a more basic neutral color, whereas if you are a student or in a creative field - you could carry a bolder bag without question.

    Also... do you wear alot of browns or blacks?? What is the main color you wear otherwise? Then I will start throwing in my .02 cents! :graucho:
  5. For an everyday bag (not picking black or white, or neutrals), I would suggest some kind of blue. Turquoise, Marine, Agua, Blue Glacier are all beautiful and very versatile too. Of course you wouldn't pair a blue bag with a pink outfit; however, blue does go with a lot of clothes in white, black, grey, neutrals, or even jeans on the weekends.
  6. I am an accountant, but don't think of me as one of those boring ones!! I work for a private airport and our atmosphere is very relax and I can pretty much get away with anything (Heck my boss wears plad pants sometimes!) Anywho, my style tends to be professional but modern.

    I have lots of blacks. Lately I have been trying to incorporate more colors to my wardrobe. I bought a brown bag a couple of months ago so I have bought some brown stuff as well.

    Thank you!
  7. I had the same problem when choosing my first Bbag. I went with Blueberry since it is dark, goes with black and brown, but is still a color.

    Maybe get a black city, since it is classic, and then the next time you get a Bbag it can be something more fun?
  8. Can you post a pic of your blueberry?
  9. Alright! ;) That helps! So you can add some color in, but I'm guessing something like Magenta would probably be maybe a little too much color?

    I agree with Grande Latte that you can't go wrong with any of the Bal blues! :tup: I'm biased though, because they are also my favorites. I think Blue Glacier is very pretty & could be dressed up or down. Blueberry is a darker blue, so its going to have a pop of color, yet be a bit more subtle. Also, Anthracite sound sounds like it could be a nice choice - since it has kinda of a "mulit-color" effect.

    Also, I think that any of the neutrals that still have personality would be great!! Sandstone, Calcaire, and Greige from previous seasons... Perhaps Mastic, Plomb, or Ivory from this current season? Also, I noticed your ticker - are you wanting GH as well, because that would play into what is available with GH/what color to choose with it...

    Here is a mini-bowling bag in blueberry, so you can see the color. :smile:
  10. I was looking at Anthracite but from the website and other peoples pictures I can't tell exactly what color it is I thought it was more of a greyish but it sounds like I can be wrong. :confused1:
  11. What about rouge?? Pretty flexible right?
  12. Rouge would be great, especially in a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, it could really add a spike of color to your wardrobe!

    I agree with what previous posters have suggested, as well. I'm not much of a Blue person, but I do like greens, and would suggest looking into some of the Bbag greens -- Emerald, Sapin, Origan, etc. -- might be options, as well.

    Since you foresee yourself using your Bbag on a daily basis, you might want to opt for one of the darker colors simply because said colors would be better able to hide wear and tear. Just MHO...

    Whatever color it is you decide upon, don't forget to post pics of your Bbag once you get it!
  13. I have attached a picture of my bags, with a few in there that you mentioned liking. As you can see I am partial to the vibrant girlie colors. But before I bought my first lv multicolor bags, or my first balenciaga last September, I had only black, brown, or white handbags. I literally had those 3 colors that I would rotate throughout the year. And now that I have had these vibrant bags, I don't think I would ever be able to go back to the duller colors.
    On that note, I do not have trouble incorporating these bags into my wardrobe. They go great with black, white, grey, brown, beige etc. And they can be worn when I am dressed down in jeans, or dressed up with skirts and such. Also, because they are solid colors they can be worn with any patterns, even if there is only a hint of a matching color in the pattern, and of course they can go with all solid colors as well. I also like to match them to my flip flops or high heels, then the clothing doesn't matter so much. I am also lucky to live in sunny Southern CA, so I am not restricted by the changing seasons.
    Check out my good friend, and fellow pf-er Beverly. This is a perfect example of how a vibrant colored bag can be paired with muted colors for the perfect pizzaz! She is at work, and she looks smashing with her Rouge vif City!!!
  14. i would say some sort of red as adds such a pop to any outfit
  15. Go for some color since you've already got some neutrals. You'll probably get hooked right in once you see the leather and eventually add neutrals in later.

    Once I found my preferred style (the city), I got rouge theatre, a fantastic neutral red that was easy to work into my wardrobe. From there on I was hooked. If you like blues better, you may want to try the new Ocean from this season. It's a neutral blue that I think will go with a lot as well. Good luck making a choice! Bbags are so much fun to carry and to obsess about!