Color advice please on kelly longue wallet

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  1. I spotted an Epsom kelly longue wallet in Parchemin with ph at H the other day. I immediately fell in love. The color, the feel, the lovely way it fit in my hand *sigh*. But, I hesitated because I'm not sure that parchemin would really be a good choice for a wallet. I'm hoping that in Epsom, it would with stand the daily use. I believe that epsom is pretty durable, but a parchemin kelly longue wallet????? Please give me your expert advice. Also, I'd mostly be using this wallet with my Evelyne. Does anyone carry their KL wallet in an Evelyne? Thanks.
  2. I think epsom is a fantastic leather for a wallet that gets handled so much. It is fairly easy to clean, and I've seen others with an epsom wallet that has withstood lots of use and it still looks brilliant.

    I say go for it! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks pyrexia! I was hoping that because the KL wallet is in epsom, the parchemin color would wear well and still look "brilliant" (love that word) after lots of use. I'm going for it on Monday!:yahoo:
  4. Please do post loads of pics when you get it... I love the Kelly wallet :biggrin: