Color advice...please help a newbie out

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  1. Let me start off by saying I'm a newbie when it comes to Balenciaga, so please excuse any stupid questions I may have. I'm looking for my first BBag...either a City or a Twiggy. I called BalNY and spoke to Daphne and she has some bags in Oatmeal and Sahara which is what I'm looking for. She said the Sahara bag they have in stock is soft and the color is even throughout. I read that these lighter colors are harder to keep clean, so now I'm wondering if I should just go with a different darker color :confused1: Could anyone with bags in these colors please give me feedback? If they are harder to keep clean, what color would you recommend? I want a color that goes with pretty much anything. Please help a newbie out :flowers: Thanks!!
  2. welcome!

    i would think it's a given that light-coloured bags are harder to maintain, plain and simple. so, it's whether you're prepared to own one or not. it's definitely wise to protect the bag before you use it. but even so, don't kid yourself by thinking that's the end of the story. and we're not even talking about other factors like whether you're the type to baby your bags or not. or are you the type to obsess and agonise over the bag every minute of your life.

    i'm also considered a newbie since i got my 1st bbag last aug/sep only. there're many useful threads with pictures already contributed by members. i relied heavily on those to make my own informed decisions over the past few months. hope you get your ideal bbag soon :biggrin:
  3. Sahara is a gorgeous neutral & would pretty much go with anything, which is what you want. Like glossie mentioned, it is also harder to maintain light coloured bags. You have to worry for colour transfer from your denim, dirt, warming of handles etc. I am quite paranoid of staining my light bags & I spot clean when I see colour transfer from my jeans. I am also careful where I place my bags so if you are not one to leave your bags everywhere, it would probably not be too difficult to maintain. But having said that, I am trying to move towards dark coloured bag & would try to avoid light colour as much as I can. This might help you, lots of colours to feast your eyes on.
  4. Welcome! :flowers:
    Here is a thread that powder posted comparing these 2 colors.

    Unfortunately, I don't have either (I do have sandstone, though), but sahara, although quite lovely, looks like it may be a challenge to keep clean since it's fairly light. I have 2 light bags (calcaire & greige) and rarely use them because I'm paranoid about getting them dirty. I tend to gravitate towards darker bags because I know they'll stand up better to the daily use.
    A black city is always a great option for your first bbag. But if you prefer something other than black, perhaps you can ask Daphne what other colors they have in stock? Good luck in your decision! :smile: