Color advice needed on Paddington please

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  1. Hey everyone...I just pre-ordered the whiskey Paddington satchel on NM 2 days ago, but I just saw the ivory Paddington satchel and pre-ordered that as well.

    As much as I would love 2 Paddys, my guilt wouldn't allow it. :worried: So which one would you suggest colorwise? I want it to be a bag I can use everyday. I was thinking the whiskey looks somewhat more of an orange hue? I may get more use from the ivory? I dunno, what to do what to do?

    Thanks for your advice in advance! :P
  2. My vote is for the whisky.

    the whisky is more of a neutral colour and works well with most colours. The white not so much but still possible.

    Also, white is more difficult to take care of and may yellow with age. If you want to use it as an everyday bag, get the colour which you can take care of and won't get dirty so easily..
  3. I'd vote for the whiskey as well, but I'm also not the world's biggest fan of white bags.
  4. Whiskey! :smile:
  5. Thanks so much for the advice! I hadn't thought about the yellowing of the ivory color. It's just so pretty in the pic...sigh. I guess whiskey it is! Thanks again!
  6. the red paddy hobo is available in stock at Berg G. right now. Don't know how to link for you gals but you of course know the place.
  7. I prefer the whiskey and I have never been a fan of white shoes or bags. I hate when I have to treat my bags like a small fragile child:oh:
  8. I'll be the exception that proves the rule. I vote for the white/cream. The whiskey looks too much like the British Tan that EVERY SINGLE Coach bag used to come in. Its a neutral but so neutral as to be my eye.
  9. I prefer the ivory satchel paddy over the whiskey hobo paddy. I favor the more structured look of the satchel. Though the whiskey is a practical color choice, if it's a toss up between these two, I'd keep the preorder on the ivory.
  10. Are you thinking about the same shape in either color or is it really a whiskey hobo versus a white satchel? If that's the case, I come down even HARDER for the white satchel! I had a blue Paddington hobo and sold it because I found it cumbersome.
  11. Issmom...both the Paddys I ordered are satchels in different colors. I just couldn't find the pic on NM since it's sold out. But that does bring up a question I've been meaning to ask. Does the satchel come in different sizes? Because when I ordered them they didn't specify a size, but I keep reading about medium and large sizes.
  12. See all sizes of the Paddy here, Chloe.

    I like the blue and ivory satchels. Sophisticatedspirit has a good variety of colors and sizes. Perhaps you could call to get feedback on the exact dimensions of the bags.
  13. I am debating getting the ivory as well, just don't know if its actually the white color I want.
  14. I love the ivory paddy!!! Question for you all: when you pre-order the paddy from NM, do they charge your c/c immediately or wait until the paddy arrives in Feb?
  15. I have the ivory paddy and i love it :love: