Color Advice for my first Balenciaga!

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  1. I'm trying to decide on the color of my first Balenciaga. Has anyone actually seen any of these colors in person? If so, would you say that these are good colors for Spring/Summer or all seasons? (These colors are from Aloharag.)

    Encre/ Ink (Saw it on atelier.naff. Is it blue or black?:shame: :lol: )
    Bleuet/Dark Avio Blue (Is it too dark for Spring/Summer?)
    Lilas/Liliac (I saw this color on atelier.naff and liked it...but I'd much rather have a blue bag. Still, it looks interesting.)

    If you've seen all three colors, which is your favorite?
  2. I really like the lilac, and bags don't always have to be so dark and gloomy !
  3. hi ya!
    my favourite colour would have to be the Cornflower... Which is the Medium Dusty Blue then i'd got for the Ink!

    Below are the colours that I got from Balenciaga, yesterday. they've actually got quite a lot in stock at the moment. :biggrin: (well not my ONE :cry: )

    Spring: Black, White, Grey (Medium), Ink (almost Black with Eggplant tones), Bleu (Medium Dusty Blue), Origan (Oregano), Lilac(Lavender), Rose (Antique Pink) Summer Collection: Emerald Green (like the Stone), Rust (Orange-Red),

    Let us know what you decide! :nuts:
  4. I love the Origan.
  5. I totally agree; I really don't want a dark and gloomy colored bag. :lol: But I don't want a really bright "look-at-me" color, either. So far, I'm liking the lilac a lot, too.
  6. there's a really gorgeous chocolate color. It's the perfect shade.
  7. I have the Cornflower medium/city. This shade of blue is great for all four seasons! (I'm wanting to get a second one in the orange/red or even maybe the emerald. hmmmm.
  8. here is a pic of my Twiggy in origan; I really love this color - it truly is a year-round bag.

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  9. I personally favor apple green, but maybe that's because it's the color of my new B-bag ;) I agree with Kat, the cornflower blue looks like it would be perfect for all four seasons. The origan color is a nice neutral green that I think would go with a lot of different outfits.
  10. ***waves to Loganz bag*** :love:
  11. Yours is on the way...:P
  12. hehehe, since you've posted up those 2 colours of b-bags, i can't stop looking at the blue one!!!!! hehehe! :biggrin: i'm like getting all b-bag out!!!! I think i need de-toxic! :lol:
  13. Ladies, do you know what I'd really love? A Twiggy or a City Bag in a neutral color, like an orangish-brown or a tan. I just don't know the name of the color. If I don't live near a Balenciaga, is it possible to order it directly from one of their stores? After the big Chloe Paddington ordeal, I just dont feel that safe ordering it from somewhere other than the actual store. (I just emailed Balenciaga in NY, BTW.:lol:)
  14. I would call Bal NY - My SA was named Joseph and he was super helpful; I asked, "what colors Twiggy do you have", he tells me but also explains the color. For example, he says, "...and origan, which is a mossy green three shades lighter than the olive". You see, if you call they will explain it to you; that is their job. Call them tomorrow; don't wait for an email reply. :smile:
  15. Thank you; I'll do that!