Color advice for B: good with gray/black, good for work?

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  1. I want to place a SO at FSH when I go in November for my 2nd Birkin with a contrast lining, and have really been struggling with colors. I love my gold clemence 35, and it works very well with my navy and brown suits (and jeans on weekends). I am not keen on wearing it with gray or black suits, however, and would like a second Birkin that better complements those colors. I also want my second B to be stiffer for a more formal look; I'm thinking Box or chevre. I could use some suggestions or guidance!

    I am pretty sure I don't want black. I've been thinking about etoupe, but it seems like it can look brown sometimes. Possibly ardoise, but would it be too difficult to match with other grays? The blue undertone is enticing. Gris T looks nice, but it seems too light for a "work" bag. Maybe graphite would be the best gray, but I do have an ardoise Kelly wallet and it would be a shame not to match.

    In color, I've been considering red and have been looking hard at Rouge H and Rouge G. In some leathers (incl. box I believe), Rouge H looks somewhat brown-red, which I do not like. I like a blue undertone to my reds and dislike orange- or brown-reds. Rouge G might be perfect, but I'm concerned about it being too bright and attention-getting for work. Maybe as a lining color?

    I really do love raisin, but again, am worried that it might clash with black or gray, and worry that purple might be too "out there" for a conservative work bag. Prune looks like a good alternative, as it's a red-purple, almost indescribable, but possibly a little orange/brown?

    I really do love blue, and the perfect blue might be a winner. Blue Jean is too light/bright, Indigo is too dark. I've looked at colors on the middle (Brighton, Roi, etc.) but nothing is singing to me.

    And there you have it. I'm sure I'm being too indecisive here, but help would really be appreciated on what works with gray and black, wouldn't attract too much attention (i.e., nothing too bright like vert anis, cyclamen, etc.), and isn't close to the gold Birkin I already have. I've been looking through all of the reference threads for a while now and thought I would solicit some help. Perhaps black with a contrast lining (RG?) would be best after all...
  2. parchemin and rouge h lining :smile: just my little H fantasy
  3. Rouge H looks great with navy and grey.

    I also love ebene--dark chocolate brown.
  4. I like rouge garance with grays and blacks.....Just think of the beautiful scarves that could jazz up your suits and a RG Birkin. Good luck!
  5. My recommendations:

    Rouge Garrance Togo with GHW
    Rouge H in Box with GHW
    Raisin with PHW (if you can get in chevre, jump on it). Else Togo or Box are good too.
  6. If you like blue-based reds, consider Rouge Vif. It is a rich, berry-toned red, looks wonderful with neutrals like black and gray, and offers a pop of color without screaming "look at me!" Be careful about Rouge Garrance, as it tends more toward the orange-red side.
  7. Rouge H Box.
  8. I vote black with the contrast Rouge or even Rose shocking lining as it's formal enough for work but still has a little twist and needs to be a workhorse. I think you've got the browns covered with the gold birkin. If you love the blues go for Indigo with a Blue jean lining!
  9. Rouge h ......I do like the sienne - I don't think raisin is out there, safe imo.......
  10. Well, I love graphite even though I don't own one.. I think it's the color I would like to get one day! It looks good (and formal) also in slouchy leathers like clemence. Graphite with gris tourterelle lining would look cool and different.

    If you prefer reds, I can recommend Rouge H. I have mine in glazed croc and in fjord, which is a great overall color and fjord leather is extremely durable. Rouge H with ardoise lining would match your Kelly wallet too- maybe you should give it a try...?
  11. I was needing a color to go with grey and black suits for work (and for fun everyday) and I choose rouge H with PHW.
  12. I think Rouge H is a great colour, it strikes me as a business power colour as well as classic, understated etc. You can also add a nice pop of colour as the lining. You have lots of time to decide what you would love.
  13. Oh, that does sound like that could be a very nice combination. I'm hearing lots of support for Rouge H, so I will check it out in fjord as well. Would you all think my observation of it as showing as red-brown in box would be accurate?
  14. wonderful. If you had any action shots stored in your computer I would love to see them :biggrin:
  15. Agreed. I'm not looking for another brown. Black w/a Rouge H/G lining sounds lovely.