Color Advice - Empreinte Artsy

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Ombre or Noir?

  1. Ombre

  2. Noir

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  1. What would be a better everyday color - Ombre or Noir? I wear a variety of colors but generally have on black bottoms everyday.

  2. I would say Noir since Ombré is a darker brown it may clash? I just bought the Noir Artsy and it's beautiful!
  3. Ombré has been discontinued for a while now. There are currently two browns - earth (dark brown) and havane (caramel brown). Havane would probably be closest to ombré but lighter. Noir is gorgeous as well and you won't have to worry about color transfer at all.
  4. I was going to buy the ombre via a reseller :smile: It looks so different depending on the light - i am so confused!
  5. Ombré is my all time favorite empriente color and I was so sad to have missed out on it! I have infini which I love but nothing compares to ombré. It's a great neutral while still very appealing.
  6. I would get noir. Ombré has been discontinued, but if you like brown hues, I actually adore the terre/earth color! Noir or earth go with everything!
  7. They are both beautiful colors. My favorite is Celeste. Havane reminds me of baby poo. What the hell were they thinking with that one.
  8. Between the two, I like the Noir
  9. Ombré!

  10. Ahhhh hahahahahah that's hilarious! Baby poo!!
    I agree on the Celeste- my metis is in Celeste and I love it! I think they're discontinuing Celeste- already off the website for most emp bags (still up for the speedy 25).
  11. Noir
  12. def noir
  13. I vote noir, but I may be biased. I just feel like since all my LV canvas bags are brown, I wanted something more chic. HTH
  14. Noir. LV hasn't gotten their brown options "right" for me, yet. The only one I like has a slight shimmer -- I think it's Bronze.

  15. +1!!!👍