Color/Accessory Question

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  1. I purchased this cute little pouch last year but I have forgotten the name of the color - I'm really bad with the greens - they seem so subtly different to my eye... any thoughts?

    Also, is it officially called the mini Vespa pouch?


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  2. It looks like vert anis to me Ms Twilly. It's very pretty.

    Can't help you with the name of it though.
  3. Sorry I am not good at color info but I like you pouch and I have been looking for it for a while. Would you mind to tell me where you got it?

    Thank you and sorry for not being able to anwser you question.
  4. No problem! I purchased it on ebay last year but it's been just long enough that I can't easily determine which reseller (feedback wasn't specific enough and I did quite a bit of shopping last year :smile: - if I figure this out, I'll get back to you!
  5. I may be very wrong, but I think that I have seen it listed as the "Vespa" pouch... sorry I thought you wanted to know the name of the pouch.
    But as for the color it looks like Vert Anis or Vert Cru or maybe Chartruese, I cannot quite tell from the picture. I apologize for misreading the question at first!
  6. ^^ yes, it's called the vespa.
  7. Looks like vert anis chevre. Adorable!
  8. Thanks a lot, it looks quite of their items are only available in Japan but not in the other area.
  9. Thanks all!

    Chevre? Not Togo? Here's another pic that I had on my computer. I may try to take some more later.

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  10. Vert Anis chevre mysore.
  11. Thanks GF! You're a doll!
  12. No probs! It's such a cutie!