1. Has anyone had a colonoscopy? I'm scheduled for one tomorrow. I'm not as worried about the procedure as I am getting through this entire day without eating.:nuts:

    Only clear liquids are allowed on the day before the test. It's only 9:00 a.m and I'm already starving.
  2. I had one done a long time ago. It is really not very bad, just a little uncomfortable because they pump your colon up with air, which of course will come right back out when they are done (ew). You will also have to do the enemas, I assume, which are also not bad.
  3. i had a sigmoidocopy (sp?, only does 1/2 the colon). the worst part was the prep work. that really was yucky.

  4. I think so too! I had the procedure today, and really, it was nothing at all compared to the prep. I thought I would pass out from not eating health food and then having to drink that awful stuff they make you take!!!!Fortunately, he said I don't need another one for seven years!:sweatdrop:
  5. No experience with it but wanted to say I'm glad it went well!

  6. Thanks! You're very sweet!
  7. My mother had one recently and she was dreading it, but she said it wasn't as bad as she expected. Glad everything is good!
  8. I have had several. They are easy and painless. I think it is the unknown that people fear. Glad to hear you are ok and don't need another one for a while!;)
  9. i'm glad it went well! nice to know it's over and everything is aok!
  10. Hey i had one done last october, it wasn't that bad at all. Although i must admit the prep work was very awful, that stupid stuff made me threw up too. Ewww !

    Glad it went well for you.
  11. I know! Isn't awful? Wouldn't it be nice if someone could invent something less disgusting?!
  12. How did it go?? Update us!

    I really want to get this done soon!!!!!

    Maybe it will help me feel a little lighter. :smile:

    How is the prep work?
  13. I had it done b/c I turned 50 this year and I think that's the age they generally suggest for routine screening.

    To be honest, the procedure wasn't bad at all. It took about 20 minutes and was performed in an outpatient center. They gave me something called "twilight" anesthesia, so I was semi-awake, but didn't feel a thing. I didn't have any discomfort afterwards either.

    As for the was unpleasant! You can only have clear liquids for the 24 hours preceding the colonoscopy, so I was starving! Then you have to drink this awful tasting stuff twice the night before. It clears out your system.

    Other than the nasty prep part, the only other slight inconvenience is that you can't drive the entire day after the procedure (in case the anesthesia hasn't completely worn off).

    The doctor gave me a computer report of my results at the end of the test and sent a copy to my regular doctor too.

    All in all, the dread was the worst part of it....except for being so hungry and the awful stuff you have to drink.

    Good luck to you. It really is a good idea to have it done.
  14. I'm almost 52 and have been nagged to have it done. Frankly this is one of those tests that I consider overkill and testing for the sake of testing (read: making more money for the medical profession). I'm perfectly healthy, all my routine tests (including bloodwork) are normal and there is ZERO history of any kind of cancer in my immediate and extended family. I politely told my gyno that I'd pass on that one, thank you. He had already wasted enough of my time and violated enough of my bodily cavities as it was. I just don't believe that the human body should be violated so often by medical instruments UNLESS there are symptoms to warrant testing.

    Sorry for the rant, but I get SO SICK of these doctors making a fortune by suffering healthy people through these tests, particulary at what seems to be arbitrary ages. Why 50? Why not 42?