1. I thought they deserved their own thread since they're kinda hidden in the Diet Pills post.

    Experiences, etc.? I looked in my parents' city for people who do hydrotherapy. I admit, their websites look shady and their operate out of their home? Aren't there reputable medical establishments that perform these? I haven't found any and my folks aren't exactly in a small town.

    Also, I'm very paranoid about contracting diseases, etc. Is this a safe process? Is there a way to ensure sterility of equipment? I'm hestitant to do this in someone's house, which seems to be the norm for hydrotherapy in my area.
  2. Is colonics the thing where they..umm..sorry for sounding a bit vulgar here, but stick a tube up your ass and suck crap out of you???
  3. ^ LOL that would be the one.

    Intlset I would be afraid of that as well. Going to someone's home just seems shady.
  4. they WASH it out.

    I want one. maybe I'm crazy, but I do. there's no way in heck I'd go to someone's house for one though. I feel a bit nervous about doing it at all! If you find a clinic or something let me know.
    I may just do an oral colon cleansing thing instead.
  5. I want one too! But I KNOW that I don't have the guts to get one.

    bethany: if you find an oral colon cleansing thing (or for that matter, any detox thing) could you let me know? Now that I'm home for the summer, I really want to start getting into shape and becoming more healthy. College wrecked havoc on my body. TIA!
  6. im gettin one !!! lol...puttin my purse savings to fat flush!!!
  7. IntlSet- an in home colonic does not sound good to me... just because I am overly precautious. But I think it is a fairly normal procedure- there should be certified people somewhere?!
  8. I know! I'm totally not finding them! Maybe I'll try asking family friends. Although, "Do you know where I can get a good colonic?" is a hilarious question.... AHAHAHHAA I laugh just thinking about asking someone that.:lol:
  9. one thing to consider...
    from wut i heard from other attending doctors... its pretty much the same thing as giving urself an enema(bowel prep they sell before surgery or colonoscopy).... just cleaning out ur bowels!Except enema is like 20 bucks at drugstore and one less thing up ur ass.
  10. Yep I took bowel prep before I went for a colonoscopy a couple of years back and it does the trick but it hits you very hard about 1 hour after you take it (and I mean when it hits you - IT REALLY HITS YOU BIG TIME :lol:) so you have to make sure you are very close to a bathroom for the entire day and about 2 days afterwards. It is a good do-it-yourself option though and is relatively safe.

    I eat a very high fibre diet and I find that is all I need to keep everything inside healthy :smile: .
  11. Shifan you are right it is a very good cleaning that doesn't keep you going all night like a Fleet enema does. I talked about this in the other thread but I've had one and I'm going for Round 2 this Wednesday. The place that I go to is a Spa. My friend recommended it to me she has been going there for a few years. We thought it was the only spot in the area but after searching the net I found another office that is closer that does it but I"m to afraid to try a place where no one I know has gone to before. My first experience was very relaxing. I am totally against inflicting pain on myself. That why natural childbirth wasn't the way for me either. So as many of you said about being afraid I was but the lady that did the colonic was so gentle that I didn't notice she had done anything. After the colonic she wasn"t trying to pressure me into buying like overpriced laxatives or anything. It was a really good experience and the reason why I'm going again. 5lbs and 2.5 inches. in an hour you can't beat that.
  12. Ticklemethu I just read your question in the other thread about pain. NOPE not a thing. I didn't #2 for about 2 days but that's normal for me anyway. I was able to leave afterwards she said I may have to go again but I didn't. I left there and hit the mall.
  13. lol. awesome. im calling around tommorow to schedule one for this week. do u guys know how often u can do it? how much weight have u guys or know anyone has lost by this method?
  14. My friends mom went once a week for a month and the lady that did it said the most you lose it 5lb each time so you could drop 20lbs in a month. Me personally I'm not ready to do something like that but I may go twice next month since I'm trying to drop some pounds before my reunion.
  15. has a good 3 month system. Look at the website, it has some great information.

    I use the fiber only and it works well.