Cologne recommendations?

  1. Does anyone have any cologne recommendations? My bf's birthday is coming up and this is the only thing I can think of!!! His favorite (and currently only) is Aqua di Gio, the Armani one. (WHICH SMELLS DIVINEEEEEEEEE :love:, btw!) Are there any other colognes out there that you ladies love? I know that this is very very subjective to the person, since it has to mesh with your body chemistry, but I'm getting desperate here!! hehe Thanks so much!
  2. How about Kiton or Dolce & Gabanna Men's?
  3. I really like the Burberry scents for men.
  4. Try Hanae Mori. The have an EDT and EDP for men. I love it on my BF!
  5. Thank you ladies for the suggestions. I'm looking all of them up as I type this!! :smile:
  6. my boyfriends wears chanel for men, silver by ralph lauren and dolce & gabbana....yummy!
  7. Dior Higher Energy is THE best! Fresh but musculine. Perfect!
  8. kenzo
  9. My Bf Uses Dolce And Gabbana..he Always Smells Yummy Hehehe
  10. Creed's Erolfa or Bvlgari's Aqva
  11. Chanel Platinum...yummy!!!
  12. I'd just stick with Aqua di Gio... I could smell it all day long and never get sick of it!