Colo Transfer HELP!

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  1. I have a Tory Burch Perry tote in Bark color and the back of it has some color transfer : (
    It is the gorgeous pebbled leather.
    I am fixing to pack it up and put it away because I just bought a new summer tote and I hate to put it away looking all dirty (I don't want it to settle)
    I know exactly where it came from... I have a black kimono that I wear over a t shirt to work and the color rubs off everywhere! So it is dye from a top.
    ANY suggestions? I used a baby wipe gently to see what would happen and I swear some of the brown came off on the wipe so I stopped.
  2. What the instructions for washing the Kimono? Does it say to wash with like colors, use cold water, what?
  3. Well, what I would do: Make up a very mild solution of Woolite and water, and using a white cotton washcloth, gently dab at the color transfer with this solution. Yes, the leather will darken but only temporarily. Note if you see the black stain coming off and on to the wash cloth. If so, keep going, gently, until it's gone. Let your bag dry, and you should be fine.

    If the transfer doesn't come off, well - too bad. Lesson learned.
  4. It says hand wash cold, hang to dry. It says "color separate"
  5. The baby wipe is what has worked for me. It was alcohol-free by the way. It should come off...
  6. That means there's a risk of the color bleeding, so, there you go. This should come off your bag with the suggestion I made.

    Since you've tried baby wipes and they were taking the color of the bag off, don't try them again.
  7. I have heard that Mr. Eraser sometimes helps with removing stains. You could try that.
  8. Don't use baby wipes, you could try Lexol cleaning wipes after testing it somewhere inconspicuous. There is also a magic eraser but it is the kind sold at art stores, not the kind for housecleaning. Good luck.
  9. Yes, the eraser used for pencil marks, that's something to try - but not Mr. Clean's Mr. Eraser, and that is akin to using a piece of sandpaper, and would damage the leather.