Collonil On Light Colors

  1. Has anyone used this product on permagena / magnolia / limo.. etc? I want to be sure that before using it on a magnolia Campana, it does not darken the leather - wouldn't want it to end up dirty like Denise Richards'. ;)
  2. I have a magnolia veneta and using Clarks protector for leather, suede, nubuck and canvas, recommended to me by a SA in Sogo. It protects against rain and stain.... doesnt affect the color of the leather, in fact, cant even tell its there even when I sprayed layers after layers. Definitely do not want it to look like Denise Richard's abused bag.
  3. i believe there are a few collonil products one of which is recommended by mulberry for their bags. i used the recommended product on an oak (light brown) bag and it definitely darkened it -- don't recommend. i have heard good things about vectra, doesn't darken at all. but i don't think any product will completely protect a light colored bag from dirt -- you just have to be extra careful (or buy a backup!)