Collonil, how often?

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  1. I've just received my first Mulberry bag and it is gorgeous! :heart:

    I have sprayed it with Collonil, but how often would I need to do this, is it a weekly/monthly job or will it be obvious when it needs reapplied?

    Also any other tips on keeping it looking fantastic? I can't see me putting it in the dust bag after every use.

    As far as my husband is concerned this bag needs to last me forever so trying to start on the right foot by looking after it properly. :smile:
  2. I can't tell you how often you should apply collonil, but my advice to keep a bag in perfect condition is to store it in the dustbag when you're not going to use it for a while and to fill it with paper so it won't lose its shape.
    About collonil, does it work on all leathers? I've other leather bags and noticed I have to dry them immediately if they get rain otherwise they have little stains on them
  3. I'll bear that in mind to keep it in the dustbag if it was not going to be used for a while (planning on using this one every day).

    The blurb on the Collonil says "Perfect protection for all smooth leather, suede and nubuck and high-tech materials", so not just for Mulberry. Thinking of recommending Collonil to my Mum for her leather bag as she finds that the colour will come off of it onto her clothes if it gets wet, I think her bag would come under the description of "smooth leather".
  4. I think the general advice with the collonil particularly if using the bag daily would be to treat it every 4-6 weeks (so maybe treat it beginning of every calendar month?!!!). Could be worth a call to Mulberry to see what they say!
    What bag is it??
  5. I was told by the Mulberry SA to use the spray every 4-6 weeks. I think this is probably more important for the lighter colour bags but I see from your other post that you've got a chocolate Alana (great purchase, by the way :tup:) so I think every couple of months would probably be fine.

    If you get caught in the rain just make sure that you wipe away any watermarks as soon as you get in and it should be fine. My chocolate darwin Elgin doesn't show any marks at all - it's only the lighter colours, such as oak, you have to be very careful with imo.

    ETA I always keep my bags stuffed and in their dustbags if I'm not using them for a while. However, if it's your everyday bag you probably won't bother doing this.
  6. I'd say about every month-ish too, although I dont do it this regularly because I dont use my mulberries everyday, but if I did I would protect them more regularly.

    A bit off topic but would you be able to let us know how versatile you find the chocolate colour is? Im toying with the idea of a chocolate bag (alana/blenheim possibly), for my next purchase (which wont be for a long while atm), but am unsure of how much use I would get out of that colour.
  7. hulahoop - I'm stalking your posts today ;)

    I've got a chocolate darwin Elgin and think the colour is gorgeous. It doesn't photograph well, imo, so it's not as coveted as the oak. But it's so versatile and very robust - stands up to rain really well and doesn't stain. I find that the colour goes with most things. It's a very expensive looking colour. My Elgin still looks like new even though I've used it quite a bit.

    Only drawback would be whether you consider it a summer colour. I didn't use the Elgin much over the summer but I think that's a combination of the colour AND style of bag rather than just the colour. But then :idea: you've got Aralines to use as summer bags, haven't you?!

    I think the choc Alana's are around half price in the outlets at the moment :yes:
  8. Dont tell me that! :hysteric: I have got a house move and a new car to spend my money on over the next couple of months, so I think a new mulberry is, sadly, out of the question for a while :crybaby::sad: I had hoped to sneak one in during the next month or so, but my situation has changed :tdown:

    Im hoping to get one either before or just after christmas though :yahoo:So Ive got a few more months to think about the colour yet. Really want to go and see some chocolate bags irl, to inspect the colour properly!
  9. the spray does darken the leather quite a bit after a few applications .
  10. Thanks for the advice, I will spray the bag every 4 to 6 weeks and wipe it when coming in from the rain (it will see a fair bit of rain, I am in Scotland). :smile:
  11. Ditab is correct I have a chocolate Alana.

    hulahoop, I suppose it depends what you wear/what your lifestyle is but I think the chocolate colour is delicious, I wore bright colours (bright pink jacket) yesterday and the contrast looked great (I thought so anyway ;)) but it will also look fantastic with the earthy colours and greens I have in my wardrobe. I'm a stay at home/work at home Mum and my clothing style is smart/casual at best and very casual, ie my gym gear, at worst. However I think it is a very versatille bag and colour and would go with most things.
  12. I'm an obsessive 'sprayer' and apply collonil at least once a month. It does darken the leather but in a nice quite subtle way. I also use it on everything else leather. Besides, it's just about the cheapest thing you can get in the Mulberry store, and you always get a gorgeous carrier bag with it! :smile: