Collonil advice

  1. hi all, my mulberry bag is coming soon. some ppl in here suggest to spray it with collonil waterstop spray. can anybody tell me how you do it. like how many spray, how far from the bag you are supposed to spray it. etc....
    also, i got a black bag. should i get neutral collonil or black collonil.
    lastly, is this the product?

    your help is much appreciated.
  2. Anybody got any tips...(chaz) about spraying your handbag. For do you spray the bag without getting it inside of it and ruining the interior of the bag.

    I understand that you need to spray a few times...and also catch the stitching; but how is it done so that the spray don't go inside.

  3. bump...
  4. Hun,I drenched mine in it!!! It was running off!! I did Kroquets Annie before it was shipped to her,I took some pics,before and after,to show color change (none) etc,if your bag isn't lined,don't worry about it going inside,I sprayed a pair of nubuck boots,and they were absolutely fine,and waterproof!!!

    Let me know which bag and leather if you are still a bit unsure,if this disappears before I get back,just on my way out,like half an hour ago!!!!! Pm
  5. Hi ladies,

    With this shocking weather (well s'pose is Nov) need some tips on keeping my Oak bays looking good. How often do you Collonil and any tips on buffing eg what do you use / technique?

  6. i just dont think i am brave enough to take my oak effie or bays out when the weather is bad...... collonil or not!!! :smile:

    but i usually spray about once a month and buff 2 times a month....... i dont know if thats right or wrong.....
  7. take a look at the collonil thread in the sticky section at the top of the page. There are amazing pics of an Elgin under a running tap!!!
  8. Part of me thinks not to 'baby' my bag and just use her but then if she gets marked I will be distraught!
  9. Definately works :tup:
  10. How much do you spray on, am scared of soaking it. Will it make is significantly darker and do I just buff with a soft cloth?
  11. I spray it until its dripping off, and then when dried I spray again, just make sure when spraying to do it outside ( it really smells and makes your head spin out:yes:)
  12. Hey Nat, how's it going? I've only ever used colonil on my bags are they are all in great shape. I caught Rosemary ;) in a shower last week and was amazed to see all the little droplets of rain just roll off. I was also very relieved. lol

  13. really?!?!?!?!?!?
    i have only been giving mine little gusts of spray :Push:

    whooops! right, ill be away home tonight to spray my bag to within an inch of its life! ha ha!
  14. Try not to spray from too close in as you can end up with spotting. I also give mine a good blast.

    However, I think that you might need to accept that the bag will get some watermarks over time and that, if it doesn't, it will never develop into a really good Mulberry leather.
  15. i totally see what you mean..... but still, im very guilty of baby-ing my bags and keeping them out of harms way i.e THE RAIN! ha ha ha!