Collonil advice please!

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  1. Hi ladies, such a boring Q but I'm desperate to do this right... I have colour transfer on my soft buffalo Lexi. It's been LIBERALLY sprayed with collonil. I've got some of the grander off with very cheap baby wipes (the cheap ones are quite dry), but the leather still 'drinks' any moisture from the wipes.

    So I've got some collonil gel, do I just work it into the leather? Will it seal in the colour transfer? Do I then leave a day or 2 & re spray with collonil?

    Sorry for all the questions - I did look on the leather thread.
  2. Collonil is for protecting the leather and if you have a stain it will seal it in.

    Try using leather wipes, you can get pack from a hardware store or similar. They are very handy to have if you have expensive leather bags. Another great product for cleaning is Ultra Clean from The Furniture clinic.

    Don't use baby wipes, they contain chemicals totally unsuitable for leather. They are designed to remove urine! :woot:

    Once you have got the stain out use your Collonil again.
  3. Definitely try leather wipe. I got some stains on my med lily in heather the other day. Almost had a heart attack but after one leather wipe was enough to restore her to her former glory. Though I may leave her @ home this coming week - London tube is no place for her - or just my excuse to rotate my bags more
  4. Thanks SO much! I didn't think twice about using a baby wipe - it really did a good job the first time :lol:
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    Can I ask where you got the leather wipes from?:biggrin::biggrin:
  6. I just got a pack on eBay for £1.77 - free p&p
  7. Ooh thanks I ll have a look
  8. You can get them from Hardware shops, most supermarkets and even the pound shop sell them now.
  9. Thank you I'll have a look. :biggrin::biggrin: