Collins St party

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  1. So.. who ended up going?

    I did go, and probably will write another report a bit later - I'm not in the mood to write too long.. its too hot here
  2. I wish I were there!

    You STILL haven't told us what you bought at Crown!!!:cursing: :crybaby: :p
  4. I didn't take any pics on the party - no one did I think........ we were all too busy shopping........

    And I did tell you guys what I bought at Crown, read this post
  5. My apologies:shame:

    You know what I think I remember someone standing RIGHT NEXT to me buying that!!:wtf: Was it you?
  6. yeah that was me...

    coz they only had one on the night, so has to be me LOL!
  7. Did you buy the Utah at the Collins St party? There were 2 guys there from Crown as well.
  8. nah, i didnt buy the utah. LOL!

    but i did buy something on collins.. AGAIN!!! ARGHHH I CANT STOP.. I need helpppp
  9. couturecreature, humm... i dont think i remember seeing you though....

    did you talk to the manager by any chance? (near the men shoes area or near the "special" watch?)
  10. I went to the party, and got myself a pair of LV Obsession Square sunglasses!!![sign..]thats the reason why i didn't wanna go in the first place, seriously i can't control myself :push: !!!
  11. waiting...
  12. Glad you had fun!
  13. I was at the men's shoes section for a little while. I had my gold speedy with me (haha, only for the time I was there, then I put it back in the dustbag when I got into my car).:graucho:
  14. ahhh.... so you're the one my brother saw wearing a beaded frock!
  15. Hehe, I was wearing a black sequinned skirt and a black top, but I was the only one with a gold speedy. Was your brother there?