Collier Du Chein Bracelet

  1. LADIES!!! I just got back from Manhasset Americana in Long Island New York and today I visited the Hermes store there. I wasn't going to go in but my darling daughter shoved me in! As I walked in I saw this shiny image hypnotizing me from the display unit that was filled with all sorts of glazed croc in ALMOST any color imaginable!!!!

    I know many ladies here are always looking for those Collier Du Chein bracelets in Croc and Alligator and yup! They are the gate keepers of the EXOTIC Colliers!

    What I can remember! (I'm not HG, She would have remembered all of them!)

    2 Glazed Braise croc (1 PH 1 GH) both Porosus
    1 Matte Braise croc (gh) Porosus
    4 Black Glazed croc (3 PH 1 GH) Porosus
    2 Potiron Glazed croc (1 PH 1 GH) Porosus
    1 Matte Marron alligator (PH)
    1 Gris glazed croc (PH) Porosus
    1 BJ Glazed (PH) Niloticus
    1 Rose Shocking glazed (PH) Porosus
    2 Vert Anis (PH) 1 poro, 1 Nilo

    I didn't get anything but my daughter got a twilly, key chain and a Perfume. (lucky girl, I think that's why she shoved me in) :roflmfao:
  2. WOW! That potiron one would look so awesome on me when I'm carrying my potiron Birkin, lol! Ooh but the Vert Anis would also look spectacular, not to mention that glazed braised one. :drool::drool::drool:
  3. OMG! Did they have other leathers as well?
  4. That display sounds amazing.... bagg, you look like a collier de chien kind of gal... ;)
  5. Oh yeah!!!! They had alot of the leather ones! I was actually tempted to get the black Chamonix with PH they had! If it was box it would have been mines!!! they had no Black box but they had Potiron and a color that looks Burgendy with PH in box leather. They also had Garance, blue jean, Potiron, Black, gold, I can't really remember the rest but they had TONS of Colliers in regular leather! I see why no one has them! It's because a AM has them all!!!!
  6. I have one, I was so tempted to slap my credit card down and say the words "I'll take one of each please" :nuts:
  7. :nuts: Wow...I'd love to see them! I don't think I've ever seen even a regular leather one in person! :P
  8. REALLY! then you gotta get smaking!
  9. Holy cow--what an amazing stock of CDCs on display. The Braise, Gris and Vert Anis croc sound amazing.
  10. What a variety from one boutique!
  11. Wow, that sounds like alot of crocs !! :P:P All these are the CDC bracelet ?? I need the potiron one with GH to match my orange birkin !!! :nuts: last week when I was there, they had the pink suede CDC bracelet in PH ( so kou !! ) and the black box with PH !!
  12. Thank you so much for this update! I would love a few of those, actually. :smile:
  13. WOW!!!! All in one store???? Now why couldn't they send a few to poor San Fran???? Where we have less than nothing???? Ever?????
  14. Rose shocking..... I feel strangely drawn towards, hold me back!! Where is that D-teddy??
  15. They were all CDC bracelet's!

    Oh yes! Get it girl the potiron croc is 14 hundred! The Pink Suede is still there! It's in the display where the Rose shocking bearn wallet is.