Collier de Chien & Medor watch questions

  1. I tried on a collier de chien braclet today and rather liked it - but I was wondering what the retail on a plain leather version was? I tried on a black croc which was $1,400, I believe. I think I'd prefer the plain leather, so that I could wear it more casually.

    Also, the SA told me that they were told to send back the Medor watches to Hermes - this is in the Neiman's Hermes dept. - does anyone know if they are discontinuing the Medor watches? :crybaby: Maybe they're on sale? :graucho:

    Also the retail on a leather collier de chien bracelet? I was rather surprised my BF liked it, more so than the Kelly bracelet that I tried on, and I can actually get it to fit me, as I have small wrists. BF ended up buying himself two Hermes ties, :yes: I of course encouraged him so there will never be any complaints when new boxes are added. :graucho:
  2. I saw a Medor watch in person one time and decided that it's not for me. Something about it didn't work for me. As for Collier de Chien, I want one in regular leather too!!! A fuchsia goatskin one with paladium hardware would be TDF.
  3. Collier de chiens in regular leather run approximately $850 and up. Have not heard that Medor is being D/C.
  4. Thanks Hermesgroupie for the pricing info.
  5. Anyone have pics? Kind of liking these!
  6. Hi shoes,

    I have pic on hand of my white epson one w/ a pair of sandals that I bought at the same time this summer. It was $920. These are my favorite bracelets because I like chunky jewelry, :smile: !

  7. Sarah-girl, I really like the two of them...and what is it in the back? a Bottega Veneta something? I like it too:graucho:
  8. Sarahgirl ,do you wear yours much ? I would love one in black....Saw a sa in london wearing one and fell in love...:heart:
  9. i have one in BJ box leather and it's beautiful! Not too chunky when u actually wear it.

    Here r pics of Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie wearing it.
    styjdd1yb.jpg df7bbca194.jpg ix5ic82qk.jpg
  10. I really want to get a white epsom one. It's perfect for the summer!
  11. I have a Medor in gold/black box. Biker girl look, love it:yahoo: Would love to have one with palladium.
  12. Thanks for those pics! i really like this!! I guess I'm a huge fan of the bracelets since I have 3 different ones so far...and would like this one!

  13. It is a BV cabat:smile: is the one time I have cheated on Hermes lately, but it was worth it!
    I do wear them a lot, actually, whenever I am not wearing a watch. I have one in blk w/ palladium also. As I said, because I like the more substantial feel, it is perfect for me.