Collier de Chien bracelet - thoughts?

  1. I've been thinking about getting one of these lately and wonder what everyone thinks-- if you have one, do you love it? Wear it often? Is it hard to wear? Anyone have any pics wearing it? Thanks! I love the edge it has to it...and would want it with ph not gold...might make a good x-mas present for myself lol!:yes:
  2. I absolutely adore it, but for some reason, it looks awful on me...When I tried one on at H, my DD said I looked like a middle aged Punk/Rocker!:wtf: A female Keith Richards??? LOL! :roflmfao: No, but seriously, I really think they're gorgeous, and I'm so sad that I can't wear them....
  3. I love them too but again as with Duna they look very odd on me. I think it is an exact style and a very specific person can pull it off.
  4. Im with the above , i bought one and my husband and 8 yr old daughter laughed, am 34 yrs old but it was not a good look....:sad:
  5. I am just to old for it.......

    I do love it though. Would suit my teenage daughter but she can stick to 'Hot Topic' for a while longer.
  6. I love it, I wear it almost all the time, with all sorts of outfits!:yes:
    I usually match the cuffs with the bags/and hardware
  7. Avan do you have any pics?? I don't know if I can pull it off!
  8. I have one, but I hardly use it b/c I think I picked the wrong color--Thalassa Blue--which doesn't really complement anything I wear. I can't pull off the black one as much as I like it, but I do think the ones in a light color--like white, gold, etc. or a bright color like red are more flattering. I think it's great if you have one in the same color as your bag. I think there's a photo of Victoria Beckham on the Stars thread wearing a white one w/her white Birkin and it looks fantastic!
  9. The cuff has an erotic appeal. I would pair opposite in a demure look -- long sleeved crisp white button shirt with a long pencil skirt and ankle shoes -- dominatrix meets librarian... I'd love one, if I ever get back to my pre-baby weight. :rolleyes:
  10. I'd love to see my hubby's face :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. Lol!
  12. Sorry, no pictures... I usually don't pose for myself!:nuts: :P , but BELIEVE me no other accessory gets me as many compliments as my cuffs!
    I am sure if you have a wrist... you can pull it off, I usually add a diamond tennis bracelet to it!:shame:
  13. I would wear it with jeans, and navy, gray, fushia, white, beige and black!
  14. I go with cashmere sweaters, and pencil skirts:yes: ... even though I have no lesbian/dominatrix far!:P
  15. I can't quite pull it is too large/wide for me... I purchased the is a thinner bracelet that has a bit of the collier de chien vibe, but felt more subtle and worked well as a layering piece...
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