COLLIER DE CHIEN Bracelet - please explain

  1. Hi,
    what is the significance of the above named bracelet? It was highlighted as C.D.C. in the NY Times article this past Sunday.
    I can figure out what it means as a translation, but was wondering is it a special order? limited at some point? thanks!
  2. Not a special order you can often see them in store.
  3. They had a nice supply of them at the Wall st store.
  4. There's a good thread about them Gelbergirl but I can't find it - you might like to do a search. Do you know what it is - the leather wrist band with the Medor hardware - v. cool.
  5. These are great fun to can also find them on e-bay as well!
  6. ^ I totally agree!! I am amazed how much I enjoy mine. It feels so good on the wrist. I can't wait to get my second one!
  7. That's so funny, Kallie -- this thread with the CDC pics is the best, it does just stick with you. I also love them, they feel perfect for me and you don't need to wear a lot of other jewelry w/ them. Besides, as CB will attest, they can give you special powers, ;).

  8. Did you girls know that the CDC bracelet was created by a client who wanted to walk her dog hands free? So she came up with the CDC bracelet. Your supposed to clip your dog leash to the loop of the bracelet. Cool idea.
  9. ^^^ What an interesting bit of information, thanks Baggs.
  10. Makes me think of the CDC necklace I saw in the magazine. Ha! Hermes is starting to get into some kinky sh*t aren't they? :graucho:
  11. Hold on! And the whip!

    Oh! Someone at corporate is into some kinky stuff! Wait don't they have a muzzle for the horses too? hahaha! :roflmfao:

    (someone needs to lay off the cosmos on a tues.)
  12. ^Hahha! Meow!!
  13. hermes scarves has always been part of the bondage/domination culture. Not that I have first hand knowledge, of course, or anything :sweatdrop: