COLLIER D ECHIEN Price in HK and Taiwan

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  1. Does anyone know whether this is still available in HK and/or Taiwan and the price?
    I'm flying over there in March, deciding whether I should get it in OZ or HK!

    Alligator bracelet, silver & palladium plated, adjustable size 5.5cm to 6.5cm diameter
    Ref. 054339CK93
    $AU 2,565.00
  2. paging Hanyeu as he recently bought 2 CDC bracelets............
  3. Before the price increase 2 wks ago, it was 69,xxx something for croc CDC. Let's say if it's about $70,000 NT now, it should be around 2,435 AUD.

    Anyway, Hanyeu can tell you best;)
  4. #4 Jan 27, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
    someone called my name?!

    CDC Ombre Lizard: HKD 11600 ~ USD 1,487
    CDC Gator: NT 68,200 ~ USD 2,125

    The Gator is way OVERPRICED compared to USD 1,650 on H USA website, even taking into consideration of 5% VAT in Taipei or the state sales tax you have to pay in US! If my memory serves me right, it was Euro 1,300 last year in Europe.

    KaLindy, are you saying that the price was adjusted downwards?

    But when you see an amethyste Gator CDC, there is no reason nor logic :shrugs:

    Wow! Just realized that they have BA Gator CDC on the Australian website! Oh, I DIE! :faint:
  5. My dear Hanyeu:smile:

    Of course not, the price has only one way to go...UP Up UP:smile: What I wrote is in Australia dollars, that's why;)

    By the way, you bought CDC gator at NT 68200. Last time I saw one it was up to 69xxx already :sad: But I'm not giving up on my Rough Gator CDC! You need to help me on this one;)
  6. Thanks people!! Guess the RRP is cheaper in HK and TW, compared to OZ!
    Plus 5% VAT in Taiwan!! hmmm, I guess no in Japan since everything's more expensive there?
    AH!! I want one!!
    AUD$2565-GST = AUD$2308.5
    NT$68200= Approx. AUD$2435 - 5% = AUD$2313.25
    why is the gator more than ostrich?!
    I'll go and check out whether they have any in OZ first :smile:

    Wonder if I'll see it at the Hermes store@ airport?

    I'll just get it in OZ i think!?!
  7. snowypam,

    unless you are travelling to europe, i think the rest of the world, other than US will be similarly priced. it is not easy to find exotic CDC on display in Asia. in Europe and US, it seems that they are readily displayed, perhaps due to the high price point. even in Peninsula HK, I was told by the SA that they are only allowed to order 2 pcs per store (granted there are about 5-6 H stores in HK). I lucked out on my lizzie CDC because i went to a newly opened store. perhaps some of our lovely tpf members from HK can chime in? i did see the new Shadow (Gaines?) in HK quite a lot though.

    if you have a good SA in Australia, then I would give him/her the chance to work with you to get it. what colors are you looking at?

    in h world, my understanding of the pecking order is cow -> lizzie -> ostrich -> gator -> croc. but in this case, CDC is very difficult to find in croc these days.
  8. #8 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    you and me both, we need to buy in bulk (volume discount from H?! :P) i will get my BA and you can get your rouge one!

    btw, just saw that H Australia has a rouge calfskin (barenia?) CDC. perhaps that will tide you over for the moment?! :biggrin:
  9. Hanyeu: Yes, bulk buy makes perfect us! :graucho: Let's make a pact!

    Everytime I heard Hs Australia have this and have that...I want to cry :crybaby:& very mad :mad: of myself!! I had been there for a very long time, just left 2 years ago! But I didn't even pay H a visit!! I was an outback girl then...hee hee :P
  10. i think we have to recruit purseinsanity into our bulk purchase scheme. that woman just got two more gator (one BA and one pelouse!) CDC!

    are you sure that it comes in rouge gator?
  11. :P I have no idea! But I just want one to match my Rough Nilo KP :graucho:
  12. :yes: Madison had them before I left .. I imagine they do regularly get these colosr^ .. and Black .. and orange( I gt mine there)

  13. Kalindy, can you ask your SA to do a global search .. ask Sam/SOGO or Mou(Ms. Gao/Regent) they are lovely SA's
  14. thanks hanyeu
    I'm looking for a purple one like yours or the H orange in gator.
    The orange is actually available on the H OZ website...I should probably just get it there?
    Must go to the boutique first too, I don't know anyone there....
    I've only purchased from the Mirage store in QLD through a phone order!
  15. anyone know CDC price in Singapore???
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