1. Was just speaking to a good friend of mine who graduated. Talking about my major and the like. She told me that she's surprised so many people go to college, because a lot of them seemed not to belong there. College is not for everyone... What do you guys think?
  2. I think your friend is being judgemental perhaps due to the excitement of finally majoring.

    Tbh I fail to see what makes a person look like they don't belong to college. Is it because they don't party? Because they seem miserable all the time? because they don't get good grades? I don't get it... nobody has the right to say who does or does not belong to a place.
  3. Didn't really get into it, you know how it you talk about so many things with friends. I think she meant people who go for a semester or year and never go back, or people who are there a long time and never grad, either don't have enough credits or keep changing major. I've seen this, but don't usually think they don't belong there.
  4. It's so true.
    A lot of people try college because a) they think they have to attend one or because b) their parents expect them to. College is indeed not for everyone, it's a lot of hard work and effort. Besides, people can still fulfill their potential/find a good job/live a happy life without any degree.
  5. i dont think it is right for everyone. there should be a bigger push for vocational learning here in the UK. tony blair had the stupid idea that everyone should go to university, that would devalue the point of getting a degree.
  6. School always seems to be brought up amongst new people I meet that are my age (18+). If I ask them what college they go to and they respond by saying they aren't in college, I just tell them that's cool and that college really isn't for everyone. College is just something I always knew I was going to do, but for some other people, their financial situation might call for them to start working full time immediately out of high school.
  7. I really disagree with your friend. I think learning is for everyone, and you can't really say who is or is not fit for it. I can see certain people not being a good fit for a particular major i.e. I can't see a granola, socialist, hippie-type being too happy as a commerce major. But I don't think you can flat out say certain people look like they don't belong.
  8. It's definitely not for everyone ... but the sad fact here in the US is that if you don't have a degree, you will most likely make significantly less money than if you do have a degree. People like Bill Gates are an exception (and even he went to Harvard for 2-3 years before he dropped out to begin Microsoft).
  9. I agree that you aren't going to make much money or get a job if you are competing with college grads for a job. At least I hope I get a job over someone without a degree! College was a totally obvious step for me, but my brother is another story. He is going to be a junior so it's that time for him to start thinking about stuff. Seeing this thread, i'm wondering if college really is for him...I don't think he knows what he'd want to study. He is very good a soccer, but we come from a small town with not a lot of good competition, and he realized that soccer could get him somewhere a little late. He thinks soccer is the only way he is going to college, which makes no sense since you are there to learn.
  10. I agree college isn't for everyone.