College students: What are you doing for winter break?

  1. I was wondering-- what are other college students doing for winter break?

    My job won't give me more hours so I'm off all week and I work Friday 8-4:30 and Saturday 8-12:30.

    I have a lot of time on my hands and am not sure how to use it other than things I've no been able to tend to over the semester so maybe I'll get some ideas.

    What's everyone else up to?
  2. I'm a grad student. I've been keeping busy--parents were in town at the beginning of break, and then I went to visit them for Christmas. I've also been selling some Fendi bags on eBay that I got at a great discount!
  3. I'm also a grad student. I drove to my parent's house to spend Christmas and New Year's with them. I also took a trip to Vegas with a couple of friends the weekend before Christmas. Other than that, I don't have any major plans.
  4. im off to aruba from the 6th to the 13th :smile:
  5. OMG, I am so bored at home. I think that I'm driving my boyfriend crazy..
  6. home:smile:

  7. totaaalllllyyy agree!
  8. Home. I'm writing my senior thesis over break to make my last semester easier.
  9. I'm a grad student as well....I drove home to Canada to visit family for 2 weeks. The first week off I worked, and the last week off I'll be back at school working and preparing for the next semester.
    I'm so glad to have 4 -5 weeks off! It's been so relaxing!
  10. I graduated this past summer and I'm working full time now. Winter break is what I miss about school! Hope you're all enjoying yours!
  11. Sleeping!!

    Actually, I've been good and I've worked these past couple of days... (I'm still considered an employee at American Eagle.. so I go in when I have a break from school)
  12. I'll be working and going to Texas jan14-19.
  13. i will be staying home and watching TV and Friends on DVD.
  14. no relaxing this month for me, it's back to work at A&F!!
  15. no winter break for me. i'm taking a class for winter look for a job, my indulgence is costing too much and in need of some extra cash flow.