College Students & Textbooks...

  1. How do you sell your textbooks?

    Selling back to the bookstore, gets you only about 20% (or less!) of what you paid.

    Do you post flyers on campus?

    I'm thinking of eBay/ but not too sure.

    I wanna get back as much as possible, those books are expensive!

    Also, if you're looking for books, be sure to check out, you can find almost any book for a really great price!
  2. you could try advertising on facebook or craigslist. or if you're college has it's own student webpage with classifieds and stuff.

    in my town we also have a store called the "half price book store" and they buy books. maybe check the yellow pages in your area and see if there's anything like that.

    when i was in school i was so over and done with classes and the stupid huge books that i didn't care what i got back from them! ha! one book they only wanted to give me $5 for because they said they weren't using them next year. i told them to take it because i hated that class sooooo much! turns out they used the SAME books the next year.. arg! but oh well.
  3. I used to sell them back to the bookstore when I was in college. I realized I was getting ripped off, because the buy back price was no where near the original price I paid! I would try as much as possible to buy the used books, because the prices are a lot lower. Either that, or I'd make copies at the bookstore of the pages I needed.

    I think eBay/ would be good options, although I've never tried selling books on there.
  4. I sell them to an off-campus bookstore. They give more money for them than the college bookstore so I go that route.
  5. Thanks for the replies!
  6. i'm in my 8th semester of book-buying, and since i go to a huuuuuge college, there is an on-campus bookstore and 5 off-campus ones. if i'm patient and shop my books around a little bit, i can usually get 35-40% back on the original purchase price. the only time i'd ever endure the hassle of something like would be if a book was super expensive and the university wasn't reordering it for the next semester (making it impossible for me to sell it back in Athens). i think i'd actually make LESS back using, though, since the books are usually really cheap on there.
  7. I used to sell mine on Amazon.
  8. Does your school have an online forum somewhere that you can post an ad? Mine did, but it was a small school, so it was easy to regulate. If not, maybe try facebook?
  9. i sell mine on Amazon and buy them there
  10. I always used to buy/sell on I got some great deals and usually got more for selling my books than the campus bookstore.
  11. u get more $$$ back for sure....:smile:
  12. I resell on, they sell almost immediatley. I never sell back to my school bookstore, they give you like nothing back
  13. I keep the ones that would be good use in the future like my law texts and MLA handbook. Good reference material. Others I sell to my campus used book store. They give us back about 70-75% I think.
  14. I was wondering the same thing just the other day. Never sold them cause only get max 50% back. Makes me mad spending $500++ on books when it could be spent on more important things :smile:...Also have you had an instance when you bought a book and it was used 0 times during the semester and the book costs $150!!! I did!
  15. I also sell and buy on Amazon. Usually get between 60-80% of the original cost back.

    For the first time this semester, I made more on last semester's books than I had to spend on this semester's books!! :yahoo: