College Student Exam Stress Skin Survival Help?


Oct 29, 2010
East Coast
So its exam period for me right now. I have just one left (tomorrow) but the stress has absolutely wreaked havoc on my chin. I have very fair skin that rarely breaks out (unless i put something other than Bare Escentuals on it, then it reacts awfully). However, when I stress my chin reacts awfully. Siuch as now...I have two inflamed bumps and one colorless one that is growing FAST.

I have been stuck in my dorm room working, so I haven't worn any makeup at all for a couple days. I've used Philosophy's micro-exfoliating wash twice a day, as normal, and I've been drinking tons of water/tea to hopefully reverse the damage the caffeine has done.

Any tips? Should I use a Boscia black mask, or will that make it worse? I have a decent amount of face-care options in my room, but what method of attack would you suggest for a college student in a dorm room who can't really go anywhere to pick anything up--aka, I'm basically stuck with what's in my room. Maybe we can get a list options that could be useful to other college students suffering from exam breakouts as well!


Finally saving!!
Jun 22, 2008
I'm planning on doing the boscia black mask today, hopefully it'll help my skin. Going through the same thing as you. Good luck!