College Senior Prom

  1. Yes....on Friday I am going to the 2nd anual college senior prom, apparently I get to party like its 2003 but it will be way more fun.

    I just don't know what to wear. Tickets went onsale today and the theme is 'under the sea'. I have a few cocktail dress but nothing too formal. Should I go out and look for something formal or keep it cute and fun. There was no description as to what we should wear....I am this close to running out and getting in issue of cosmo prom!
  2. I'm a college senior! I want to go! can you post pictures of the cocktail dresses you have?
  3. [​IMG]



  4. sorry about the mess in the room btw.
  5. The polka dotted dress looks cool, but you should replace the red sash with something thicker and in a more patented red... Also, remove the flower and replace it with something more flamboyant.. you want to be stand don't wanna blend in!
  6. Just don't wear something you have mad love for that was crazy expensive. This is college so people are ALLOWED and perhaps even encouraged to be drinking heavily (unlike high school where everyone had to be somewhat sly about it). There is probably between a 1-5% chance (depending on your school) that some asshat will spill (or even worse puke) on you. All of your dresses are super-cute but the pink one appears to perhaps be a little too sheer?

  7. oh i love your advice!!!! i really wouldnt mind if that dress got spilled on so i think ill wear that one.