College searching: any with computer degrees?


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Jun 6, 2007
Hello ladies! So here's my little situation right now:
Currently, I'm working on my Associates for Web Development in a community college. The thing is, graduation is less than a year away and I need to find some colleges/universities that can offer me a Bachelor's in either web design or web programming/development. There's only one college I know of right now that does have it: University of Advanced Technologies, but the price for one year is too expensive and I'm not eligible for any grants.

So, what I'm asking is, is there anyone out here who graduated with any type of computer science degree and from what college?
I'm open to even going for other computer degrees since the program at the college is teaching me more programming than web designing.


Jan 29, 2007
I'm in comp sci....The majority of uni's here in Canada have comp sci programs for a bachelor's of science. I know UBC, SFU, Alberta, Victoria, Waterloo, Toronto, Guelph, and U of Calgary all do. The thing is, if you get a general comp sci degree, you should be easily able to apply your skills to web programming. As well, once you've learned a few programming languages, it gets much easier to learn new ones as the web changes and grows.

Just a note, web design is much different from web programming. For web design, you may be better to look at an arts school though.


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Apr 28, 2007
I have a bachelors in Computer Science and a masters in Digital Media. If you are interested in web design/development, I suggest you look into what a CS degree entails. Programming (especially web programming) is only one component of the curriculum, along with math, computer architecture, and other courses which are heavy in theory/analytics rather than practice.

Have you looked into art schools that have a digital emphasis? Schools like Full Sail have a bachelors program in digital arts and design.