College Minor

  1. I start my first year of college in the fall and now is the time to register for classes for the first semester. I spoke with my advisor on Friday and we went over what classes I'll need to take. I have all but one class picked out: a course for my minor.

    Trouble is, I don't even know what I want to minor in. All Math majors are required to have a minor outside the College of Science, so the subjects I would consider minoring in aren't an option.

    I want to go onto grad school and further study math or cryptology. I want to have a career in law enforcement, ideally working for the FBI or CIA. I went through the list of possible minors and three struck me: psychology, sociology, and criminal justice. I read through the respective department's webpages but just got information I already knew: what those subjects are basically about.

    I want more in depth information, but I'm having trouble finding it. My google searches are leading me to other college websites, which offer the exact same information that my college's site provided.

    For those of you who studied psychology/sociology/criminal justice, what did you learn? Anything in particular you liked/disliked? Do you think it would be useful to me? Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you think I'm looking at the wrong subjects for a minor, any tips to what might be a better one are welcome.

    Thank you so much!

    ETA: I can take a core humanities class in place of the minor course in case I can't decide. I would just like to get an idea of what a psychology/sociology/c.j. minor is like.
  2. Congratulations, Eponine, on soon starting college! I majored in Sociology and Biology and my sociology courses help me in everyday life. Analyzing social settings and applying theoretical concepts to human interaction helps me understand our world a little better, or at least gives me insight to question, learn and research to get my own point of view. Sociology helps you question and think about society. I tutored lots of science majors when I was in college, so be prepare to read and think about what you see around you. I also took Psych and enjoyed it too, because you analyze the individual, and anything that involves analysis is of my interest. I never took any criminal justice, so I cannot give input on that topic.

    Any intro to Soc. or Psych is Ok IMO, and besides, you are just starting college...things change, and you will too, so just focus on doing well this upcoming first semester. Talk to or do research on your professors to decide what class to take. They should have something published on what they teach. I absolutely loved my sociology prof and that is why I got my major with him, too. Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide to take!
  3. I was a finance major and history minor. I love history I should have done it the other way around.
  4. i had a sociology minor for a while (i'd still have it if the requirements weren't kind of odd) and really liked it, a lot better than psychology. you learn a lot about how people interact, both on small and large scales, what pushes people into deviant behavior, etc. it's a really varied subject with a lot of different types of courses within it.

    if you want to go into law enforcement, though, i think a cj minor would look good on your resume, and you might want to consider that.
  5. I was a Biology Major and a World Religions Minor... (yes, I like to confuse myself)
  6. i'm a double major- psych and sociology...minor in philosophy. (oh yeah, fun times).

    a crim or soci minor will serve you well (i know they get put together at our school and some of the classes are the same), especially since you're looking into the fbi.
  7. I started out with a major in advertising, and I took classes in psychology because I really liked them. As it turns out I took so many that I was able to graduate with a double major. I'm a big fan of the psychology degree!
  8. what college are you going to?
  9. I'm a freshman in college and i finally decided i want to do pre law all because of my criminal justice classes that i fell in love with, i love almost everything except for my criminology class about criminologist its so boring!
  10. I majored in physics and have a computer science minor..useful in my field of work. Have you tried an engineering minor?