College Girls Holla Back!

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to see how many of you addicts are in college...

    Where do you attend?

    What are you majoring in?

    ...And anything else you want to say!

    I am currently going to NHTI in Concord, New Hampshire...I'm transferring to the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa this Fall....
    Will be attempting to get my B.F.A. in Fashion Marketing! :love:
  2. I go to the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.

    My majors are honors specialization in Classical Studies along with Socio-Cultural Anthropology, I'm finishing it up !

    In the fall, I'll be going to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia for Law !
  3. I attend the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada.... we're holding 2010 Olympics!!!

    I'm majoring in B.Sc (Science, Biology) and minoring in Philosophy.

    Graduating this year... and no idea what to do after that, lol... most likely find a real job to keep up my handbag addiction!
  4. OSU = Oklahoma State University
    major is Asian Studies with a Minor in PoliSci

    Dear god I can't wait to get out! First I have a semester in Japan to deal with.

    Congrats on going to your Fashion Marketing degree, sounds like a fun career!
  5. I go to UBC too, lyn2005!! Go Vancouver!

    I'm doing a double major in English and Psychology.

    Was supposed to graduate this year, but found out I was missing 3 credits. Doh! Shoulda done grad check earlier.
  6. i go to the university of california, san diego in la jolla, ca. :biggrin:
    i'm a poli sci/international relations major
    i plan on going to law or business school and i may be transferring to USC (university of s. cali)
  7. i got to The University of Georgia and i'm a very proud Bulldawg, lol.
    i'm a double major in magazine journalism and sociology.

    lol this month's Playboy listed us as the #8 party school in North America...and featured three of our skankiest hoes :smile:
  8. Towson University in Towson, MD. I'm a flounderer (you know the ones that will probably never get out). I'm currently majoring in Poly Sci, but I'm thinking of going back to my original major of business or maybe just do it as a minor.
  9. I got to Metro State University in MN. Biology major. I graduate in a few weeks, aww yeeaaah.
  10. :amazed::lol::lol::lol: I guess it's easy to find if you're lookin' for it.
  11. In 2002 or some year around there, PSU (Plymouth State University in NH) was in Playboy...they said something along the lines of "we would put PSU on the list, but a Pro cannot be put on a list of Amateurs"

    When someone told me that I was like OMG that is crazy...
    i went to PSU a couple weekends ago on a Friday the kids were screaming drunk and it was only like 9PM when I got there!!

    EDIT: PSU was also on VH1 a couple years ago......this college is nuts
  12. lol sounds like UGA...where we pregame the pregame...but i like the scene here because it's a lot safer than your average party school - it's centered around a downtown district that is very safe with lots of police on hand at all hours and people checking IDs and stuff, not a private or greek party scene where it's in private and people can do whatever stupid things they want without having to be out in public and accountable for their actions.

    although i think it tends to overshadow what a good school UGA has become sometimes. like the journalism school (which i'm in) is one of the top 5 in the country, the business school is top 50 internationally (which is really hard to do for a public university), it's a GREAT place for academics. i've had professors every semester that either wrote the books we used or whose research was referenced in the textbooks. i see my professors as 'experts' on tv. it's kinda cool. but we're famous for drinking, which we do quite well also...
  13. Hi Amanda,

    I graduated from, and now teach at, Penn State, but I lived in Athens when I was a kid -- I love the dawgs! Georgia was so beautiful. I was too little to appreciate the party scene when I was there (although REM and 10,000 Maniacs were playing right down the street at the time), but Penn State does pretty well too. They're very similar -- big football, lots of pre-gaming, great downtown w/ all of the bars in walking distance. Although you can never beat the GA weather!!!

    I still love living in a college town, although I'm a little older now, so sometimes feel a bit outdated surrounded by 21 yr. olds:smile:
  14. I go to Queen's University. I'm just finishing my second year now, majoring in English and minoring in math.
  15. yay! someone else here who also understands that Athens is love :love: :love:. PSU always seemed like a cool place, it seems like Happy Valley would be a lot like Athens. pleaces where the party scene is centered around private parties (Clemson, etc.) kinda freak me out, i want the partying and drinking done on neutral territory, not some frat's turf!

    and i hear what you're saying about all the 21 yr olds...i always think it's wierd when my boyfriend and i go to dinner at a nice restaurants and all we see are ADULTS! you kinda forget that not everyone is 18-25 when you live in a college town.