College girls! Do you lock up your expensive bags?

  1. College isn't the safest place around. You might be able to trust your roommate but you can't say for 100% that you can trust the people that come in an out of your rooms. There are lots of people who don't lock their door at my college and people just walk in and walk out with expensive belongings! Plus there have been cases of staff coming into rooms to do maintenance and stealing things too!

    I bought a locked filing cabinet my freshman year of college to put secure documents like bank/credit card statements and random valuables that I might have to bring. This year I started bringing some of my designer bags to school and I lock them up in the cabinet when I am not using them. If its the bag that I use daily then I usually leave it out bcos I will know right away if it is missing.

    How many bags do you bring to college and do you feel safe having them on campus? Do any of you girls lock up your bags at college?
  2. I always locked my room when I lived in dorms/suites, so it was only me and my roommate in there. I did however, chain my laptop to my desk. I would definitely keep my bags locked up if I had people coming in and out like you, and if you don't know your roommate very well that's something else to consider. I think the filing cabinet is a smart idea :tup:
  3. I can't speak to dorms, but in the office I always lock expensive bags in the desk.

    You might want to make sure it's not easy for someone to lift the filing cabinet and carry it off to rip open elsewhere. It's unlikely, but if someone finds out how much your bags are worth....well, better safe than sorry.
  4. I never stayed in a dorm when I was going through college, so I don't know... but I am like doreen!! I lock up my expensive bags in my filing cabinet if I ever leave my office. (My office is locked anyway, but you can never be too safe!)
  5. I live off campus and have my own place so I don't have to but if I lived on campus I would make sure to lock my door and maybe store my bags somewhere people couldn't see them.. or do what you all do and put it in a filling cabinet.. but I've worked also and never locked my bag up
  6. ^ Same here. I still lock my desktop and monitor to my desk though.

    At work, I at least make sure that my bag is out of sight even if it is not locked in a cabinet.
  7. Luckily I have my own room on campus, but when I had a roommate I was so nervous about my stuff. I put them in my closet at the bottom and threw empty plastic bags over them so it looked like a big pile of empty bags. People only stole electronics, so I put a lock on my laptop. I was lucky that all three people I lived with made sure the door was locked at all times.
  8. I have a lock on my laptop as well. I just realized that my bag collection has a higher value than my laptop hahaha!!

    My roommate sometimes lets random people in the room while she goes out... I just like to be safe than sorry because these people are strangers to me!
  9. i now live off campus and am lucky and do not have to lock my bags up anymore, but i still chain my macbook to my bed...paranoia maybe haha i don't know. but last year in my dorm i always locked my belongings in my closet. i trusted my roommate, but no one else.
  10. Oh I've got a horror story about purses in college..

    When I was a freshman, I took my collection with me cause you know being a dumbass that I am, I had to bring it with me.. Then too my family were planning to move to another state so I was like, "Might as well!" So I did brought all my purses with me, took up so much place that I decided to place them under my bed.

    So we always have parties in our suite and never thought anyone would take anything out of our rooms, I trusted everyone. Then one day, I was walking around campus, I saw this girl carrying a Versace orchid clutch, then I was like.. "That's such a nice purse, just like mine! She's wearing it well!" Never thought of it, I went back to the dorm and look for mine, and realized a couple of my purses were missing just because I used to always buy another of the same style but in different colors!!!!!!

    I was horrified and so I went on a purse search and to my horror, I've found out that my suite neighbor have been taking them out of my room and sold them to people in the campus!!! I got the school court to investigate the matter and though the girl had been expelled and arrested, I have failed to recover all that was lost!!!

    I hated college because of that, sophomore year, I moved out to my own apartment where I know my babies will not be missing. So be careful of your belongings and try to take only a few that you need.. :sad:

  11. Holy COW!! That is a TRUE horror storry :wtf:

    Thats so horrible that you never recovered your bags... You should have called the police on top of the school court on that girl!! Stolen property, regardless of being sold and purchased by an unknowing buyer can be reclaimed if proven it was stolen from you.

    Thats really scary!! Last semester I had quite a few of my Coach pieces at school. Coach is really common and all over the place. They weren't worth much so I wasn't too worried. However, over winter break I got over my Coach phase and into Dior and Rebecca Minkoff.

    I decided only to keep one expensive bag at school because I would probably lose track or be nervous if I brought anymore. Your story makes me glad that I am extremely paranoid about my belongings!! Nobody will take my bags or I will take them DOWN!!! :hysteric:
  12. My school did call the police but newport news police weren't really the smartest and most efficient..

    I gave up the search to retrieve my babies back cause my mom was tired of my *****ing and bought some that I've lost that I can recall that I really liked.. It was my fault partially I guess since I "didn't take care of my belongings" well enough... Which retard will leave their beloved purses under the bed :sad:.. I was dumb enough to do it, guess had to pay to learn.
  13. What a shame about your bags. I'm glad you got a few to replace the ones you particularly loved. I'm really paranoid about my designer stuff and my jewelry. I won't let anyone alone in the room my jewelry is in, and I keep 1/2 of it in a safe deposit box at all times. That way I'll never have a total loss. Can't get a big enough safe deposit box for bags, though.
  14. That really sucks! What a traumatic experience =/

    I have alot of friends who have expensive $400-$500 Coach bags just lying around their room all the time. I mean, you wouldn't leave cash on your bed out in the open... I asked them about it and they didn't really seem to mind.
  15. I had a bad experience for live in the dorm too. It was my freshman year, I have never live with a roommate before, so I trust everyone. Never thought that people actually steal things...
    I lost my Tiffany cuff $350. It was a gift from my BF. I just got it from him, since it is my first jewelry for over $300, I barely wear it, I afraid to scratch it.
    After, it got stolen,I was so sad, besides its value, it is a special gift from my BF. My bf buy my the same one and hope I will feel better. But nope, everytime I saw my cuff, I think of that B-i-o-t-c-h.

    I move out in the second year. I fate live in the dorm. now I live in off campus, I will never need to worried about things got stolen or anything.
    I think lock up you expensive items is a smart idea. Be extra careful with your valued items. you would never know what kind of person she might be.