College Football: Those Whose Teams Lost...Come and Mourn

  1. Yea....I'll start...I'm a Notre Dame gal. It's where I go to of course I'm a fan.

    I'm not surprised we lost...not a big shocker since we're unrated and we lost so many players.

    BUT on the good was great to see Clausen play a couple of series....the kid has an arm! I hope Charlie starts him next week....he's accurate (unlike Demetrius) and better looking than Sharpley (heehee...after staring at Brady for 4 years.....we need equal hotness in our QB LOL)!

    Anyhow...come on in those with loser teams (Michigan...where are ya??) and we can all ***** and moan together!!!!
  2. bump for all those not lucky enough to be a GEORGIA BULLDOG like me!
  3. i'm sad about notre dame, too. we're a catholic family and we were raised to be a notre dame family, through and through. i'm sad i didn't go there, even for a year, like i wanted to, but i was meant to go elsewhere.

    i miss brady quinn...sighhhh.

    and then losing to gt... sigh. boo hiss to georgia.
  4. come now, don't be a hater. not everyone can be a winner.
  5. It is great to be a Buckeye!! :amuse:
  6. it was more a generality of boo hiss to the state. georgia isn't "home" to me, kwim?

    i agree with megs- go buckeyes!
  7. then go back where you came from honey!

    GO DAWGS and i LOVE Georgia, both the school and the state! it IS my home, so be careful talkin' crap about other people's homes, KWIM?
  8. Yeah, it was a rough weekend to be a Wolverine lots of :cursing:and :crybaby:this weekend. I'm still in shock.
  9. haha. if i could back there anytime soon, i certainly would.

    but no crap talking. (i've done no more than anybody else, i don't know).
  10. I'm a Spartan alumna, so this was a :yahoo:weekend for me! Still trying to absorb that App. State took down the Wolverines in the Big House. Just teasing--MSU football is nothing to brag about usually.
  11. LOL boxer!!!! I have a feeling I'll be visiting this thread often!
    I miss Brady too!! But Jimmy Clausen is kinda cute LOL

    Boxermom: In 3 weeks you guys will be here at ND :smile: We haven't beaten you guys at home in like 10 years UGH!
  12. brady was my reason for falling back in love with notre dame...:love:

    jimmy better be hot, haha!

    i only care about the important things. ;) :graucho:
  13. Fight On Trojans!!! The only part that bothers me is everyone gunning for failure. I hope we take each game as it comes.
  14. I can not believe that Michigan lost to Applcaon State , I just wanted to scream ! :rant::mad::censor:
  15. Do you think they were looking ahead to Oregon or ND? Or just a whole bunch of small mistakes as Coach Carr said?