College Football Starts....Any fans?

  1. I just know there has to be people on here who are college football fans (you're SO won't see this if you are a secret fan).:graucho:

    I am a HUGE NOTRE DAME IRISH I will be frantically trying to get a TV signal in the middle of nowhere Indiana (we're going RVing this weekend) on Saturday night.

    So cmon ladies....who is a fan? what team?

    And BTW....some of these guys are smoking hot when the helmets come maybe you watch for that reason LOL

    I am not too concerned about our season opener....but I am a little worried about our defense and our kicking game....we have a lot of good starters....but I don't know if Charlie can do it! Rumor has it, it'll be us vs. Ohio State in the championship this year...and the Irish must get revenge on those Buckeyes!

    So my parting words before it starts on saturday:

  2. I was raised a ND fan so its in my blood but I also love FSU...I love ALL football college and pro-GO DOLPHINS
  3. i'm a student at The University of Georgia and a huuuuuuuuuuge college football fan! I'll be in the student section at the game this Saturday, and every home saturday after that! even looking at my pack of season tickets makes me happy :smile:. since football season is very traditional here, i have a wonderful gauzy black sundress to wear to the game, with red jewelry and silver ballet flats! all the students dress up for the game (but in school colors, of course), even though it's 100 degrees in the shade and so humid, it's swampy. most girls wear heels, but i just can't do it, my arches are too high.

    it's a 12:30 game, so the drinking is going to have to start by at least 8:30 :smile: you haven't lived until you've had a bloody mary first thing in the morning while setting up to tailgate.


    can you tell i'm a liiiiiiittle excited?

    and i'll be rooting for Notre Dame, too, since they're playing the awful, hated Georgia Tech.

    i have the urge to sing our fight song.
  4. I love college football!!! My friends and I have been die-hard fans since our collegiate days (only 3 years ago, but seems like a lifetime now!). We always look forward to the beginning of the season and this Saturday, my friend is throwing a season kickoff BBQ at her place so we can cheer on our beloved alma mater as they battle the University of Tennessee......GO BEARS!!!
  5. Hook 'Em HORNS!!!:rochard:

    Faithful Texas Longhorn fans here:excl: :choochoo:

    <----------- even my twins are wearing orange! LOL! Just noticed that!:shame:
  6. YAY...I'm not the only one...
    Amanda....I got my season pack last week after standing in line for 2 hours ugh I am sooooooooooo excited.
    I am way superstisious (oops) too...I have to have my ND flag flying from my house, my ND doormat out, my ND bear on the TV...LOL
    Our first home game is against penn State next Saturday after Labor that'll be our tailgate day!
    Swanky...your twins are too cute in their Longhorn orange!
  7. Ooooo twiggers, we'll be seeing you Sept. 9, because I'm a PENN STATE fan!!!

    PSU is vastly underrated in the preseason polls. Don't forget that last year, we were picked for something like 50th preseason, and we ended up #3 overall. (AND we would have had an undefeated season if Michigan hadn't put two seconds back on the clock to win its controversial game against us! :censor: )

    I can't wait for the PSU-Notre Dame game. We used to play each other when I was a student, before we joined the Big 10, and they were the best games!:drinks:
  9. university of oregon! GO DUCKS! :yahoo:

    i'm actually the least hardcore out of all my friends though. i'm the only one without season tickets and i only watch games if they're on tv while i'm working. i do check scores and highlights though. ;)

    my sister's boyfriend goes to north dakota state though and is kind of i might have to start following them as well. :smile:
  10. Best case scenario:

    Both ND and my Buckeyes go undefeated into the Championship match in AZ, neither Ginn, nor Smith win Heisman, that gets the Irish's hopes up, and then we smoke them like we did last year.


    Go Bucks!
  11. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!! GO KU!!!

    Wahoo-Wa... UVA, V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A
  12. Ah Vlad, how quickly we forget...Remember that rainy Saturday night last October that resulted in this headline?

    Penn State Upsets No. 6 Ohio State, 17-10

    JoePa will see you on Sept. 23! :P
  13. Ohhhhh Vlad...dear Brady Quinn is going for that Heisman this year baby!
    Cosmo: I can't wait for the Penn State game....and don't worry...we are worried...they were a great team last year and didn't lose THAT many players. Every game we have to treat it like it's a national championship game. Even Georgia...we're not taking them for granted!

    GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT YELLOW JACKETS!!!!!
  14. ^^^I am SO PSYCHED for football season!!!!
  15. i stood in line for two hours for my tickets, didn't even get close to the front of line, had to go to class (i skipped class to stand in line for tickets last year, though!), and then came back and waiting in line for another hour to get mine - i sweated through my shirt the first time around (it was noon and about a million degrees outside) and got my scalp sunburned!