College Fashions - Interview/Open day

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  1. In a few weeks my husband and I are going to be visiting some colleges over 10 days in the New England area in the hope of finding somewhere I love to complete my masters.

    I just want some ideas on what's the norm in this region fashion wise amongst college/graduate students. At the moment I'm in college elsewhere and anything goes, usually pretty casual (for some - sloppy!)

    I haven't got any interviews this visit round, but does any one have some advice for when I do start interviewing and going on offical tours etc?

  2. I don't know what field you are in, but no matter what they say, wear a suit!! Basic black or navy, no gaudy jewelry, etc. Keep it conservative. Let your personality speak for you not your clothes. Disregard all of this in the event this masters is in fashion or art design... Then it's based on the school culture...
  3. For just visiting, you can get away with a nice sweater and maybe some chinos/slacks. For the actual interview, I agree with the above post.
  4. If you're doing a self guided tour of campus, it really doesnt matter. You can get away with jeans, and a sweater/jacket. If you're getting a guided tour by someone, I would say a nice sweater/coat and slacks. For interviews, a suit is a must. No crazy colors or accessories.