College Degree and Career

  1. Lawyer - undergrad BA in Psych and English.
  2. Graduated in 2010 with a B.S. in sociology and a certificate in pre-law. Didn't really apply for anything while in school because I had no idea what I wanted to do, couldn't find a job for a few months. Found a job as a customer service rep in a warehousing/distribution company. I'm a purchaser now trying to go back to school part-time because this is so far from what I ever wanted/imagined doing!
  3. Mikaelha, sorry it took eternity to get back to you - I haven't been on TPF in ages!

    To answer your question, I studied History/English in Undergrad while working full time as an assistant manager of a handbag boutique and working as Online Editor of our University Newspaper (enormous public school, circ. 30,000). I also had freelance design and marketing experience in designing and maintaining websites and writing marketing collateral as I did this on the side since I was a teenager. Of course, all of this is on my resume, and I brought samples or work to my interview. I hope this helps - of course, by now you are likely gainfully employed. :smile:

    Talk soon!
  4. It is so crazy that I came across this thread today. I was just arguing with my SO about our future children. He said they could choose whether they would go to college, but no matter what, they had to be out of the house by 20. I balked at this because I am from a very higher education-oriented family and I grew up thinking that going to college was the only option. As I get older (and especially in this economic climate), I am beginning to realize that perhaps this is a very close-minded view. Maybe I'm just prideful?
  5. Just my opinion (and I didn't read all of the responses in this thread). Just because we study for one major, doesn't mean we'll end up doing that career for the rest of our lives. I know plenty of people that studied for one major, but ended up in something totally different. Additionally, a high paying job doesn't necessarily make a person happy. I've met people that make 6-figures, only to leave it behind for a much lower paying job that makes them happy.

    Graduating college isn't for everyone. Some of the most successful people in the world have either never graduated college or never went to college.

    At the same time, if college is a chosen route, it is one where the current landscape requires you to definitely get your bachelors and seek out your masters. With the skyrocketing costs of education and cost of living nowadays, I expect a child to be taken care of by the parents until the age of at least 22/23 (expected bachelors degree age). And once after that, I expect the financial costs of pursuing a masters to be taken up by the child. This is just my opinion. Especially since a lot of recent grads that don't have jobs, decide to go back to school to beef up their education even more. And just as a note, I didn't have any of those things mentioned above. I earned everything, but definitely saw friends that had a more "comfortable" level of support than I did.
  6. Out of the house by 20?:confused1: I'll never understand the point of kicking your kids out when they're still young and finding their way... but that's a totally different conversation... to answer your question, it depends on the kids. College isn't for everyone. Maybe if you have boys they'll want to pick up a trade or do something that doesn't require college. In that case, not going to college is ok because they have a goal and ways of going that route. Infact, i just read that construction has the most jobs right now and is the best industry to get into at the moment.

    However, i think college is good for people who don't know what they want to do, it gives you opportunities and opens you up to different fields. If your kids graduate high school and have no direction and they're passing their days working at mcdonalds, then yeah i would try to get them to go to college. The only time i think it's acceptable to not go to college is if you have another route you want to go and are taking steps to get there. I would never tell my son he has to go to university if it's always been his dream to be a carpenter, KWIM?

    Personally i don't believe in parents pushing their child to go a certain route, As long as they're ambitious and are going after their goals, i think that's all that matters. It's all about the individual. You can have the laziest kid go to college and graduate but they'll probably never be successful because they have no drive to be, then you can have a person who doesn't go to college but is extremely ambitious and ends up doing really well in a field they're passionate about. I definitely believe that it doesn't hurt to go to college but it's not a guarantee for success.
  7. sometimes it's cultural, my parents would never kick me out nor want me to leave home till i'm married. but other kids just want to get the heck out of their parents house by the time they are 18yo or are expected to be out and independent by then.