College Degree and Career

  1. I am biased of course but I do think hard core science degrees ( mine is in biochemistry from the chem department too) are some of the most useful degrees out there regardles of what you choose to do, that's probably why they are the hardest to earn. It's almost like you are taught to think in entirely different way plus the level of analytical and math skills you develop in th process is mind blowing.

    Biochemistry/chemistry or molecular biology majors are to go majors for health professions and that's what I am doing. Bf ( he was my ochem 2 lab partner btw ) is finishing his masters in biochemistry with concentration in chemistry and just co-founded a biotech company last week. I'm so proud !
  2. Working on my MBA. Undergraduate degree is in political science. My current "job" has nothing to do with either degree, but I will begin taking the CPA exams early next year.
  3. BA: Anthropology/Sociology. MS: Higher Ed. Admin. Working at a university and working on my EdD. My undergrad has helped a LOT even though its not directly related.
  4. B.A. in general psych
    M.A. in developmental psych
    PhD in developmental psych

    Currently doing a post-doc in developmental psychopatholoy and recently got a tenure-track professor position in developmental psychology.

    I thought I wanted to pursue an MD, but the chem/calc killed me and I hated it (loved the bio part though). Realized that i LOVE research and teaching, so I pursued a PhD.

    11 years later I am starting my "real job."
  5. B.S. in Business, Minor in Information Systems
    MBA in Business Administration

    Currently working for the federal government in the Modernization and Information Technology Systems department. Will be taking some more graduate courses in the fall in programming and database languages.
  6. I majored in Business and work in Finance now.
  7. I majored in History & English with a pre-law concentration and graduated in 2008. I went to three different universities in four years (one small private, one large public, and one small public) partly due to being a participant in the National Student Exchange program.

    I currently work as an online marketing manager for a high-end retailer in Central California. So...basically, no connection whatsoever. However, I do think that my writing and research skills help me immensely, and my years spent dabbling in internet activity for fun & as the online editor of a newspaper in college helped too. I've always been a fashion and internet nerd, so I consider myself very blessed to have fallen into a field of work that I truly love.
  8. B.S. in Biopsychology and Community Health
    M.S. in Civil/Environmental Engineering and Epidemiology

    I use something from each of my degrees every day. No joke.
  9. I'm still studying so not much use to this thread. But- My parents use their degrees everyday!
    Dad has a BA with Honours in Philosophy, went straight onto a PhD and has worked at universities everyday since teaching/researching in Philosophy! I tease him about never having left uni :biggrin:

    Mum has a BA, worked for a number of years in public service and unions, then when I was a toddler went back and did an MA and then a PhD (in Education) and works as an Academic in her field.

    Needless to say I'm studying for my BA at the moment in a field neither of my parents are in and the desire to definitely NOT become an academic!
  10. I have Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Now I work as an software engineer/research scientist.
  11. My BA is in Criminal Justice and I work in the Juvenile Justice field.
  12. I graduated with a management degree and I work as an assistant COO at a medical organization which belongs to our family. I majored in management with our family biz in mind, so I suppose there is a strong correlation to my major and my career.

    That being said, I did have a lot of other jobs before this, testing the water I suppose with other jobs in completely different fields. I have to say though, my current job is the best one out of anything I've had and I feel fortunate to have my career.

    I do regret not going to med school(I dropped out of pre-med as an undergrad)though. If I had finished med school/gotten the license, it would have made my job heck of a lot easier! But I appreciate my dad for talking me out of transferring to FIT:shame: As a little girl, I've always dreamed about going into fashion, becoming a fashion mag director(vogue, hello!) but my dad talked me out of it. Now, I cannot thank him enough for adjusting my path. I just wish I had listened to more of his advice when I was younger!!!!!
  13. I have a BS in Health, Phys. Ed. & Exercise Science and will be going to school this fall (Halleluyah!) for my Masters in Occupational Therapy.

    Currently, I am working as a counselor serving low-income population, which I absolutely and unequivocally HATE with a passion.
  14. I graduated with a BA in journalism, and then went to law school and am now a lawyer. Because of the economy, I had to sorta give up my dream of practicing international law. Instead I work for a public sector as that was available for me at the time and it is still good experience. It still saddens me that I had to give up that dream. I don't see it ever happening in the near future. A lot of people either work for free or very little money to do international law unfortunately and even then, the number of experience they require is ridiculous (like 20+ years!). Ugh.
  15. My bachelors is in accounting and I also have an MBA too. I currently work in finance for a telecom so I am definitely using my degrees.

    I will say that I initiatlly started out in the working world in accounting and I found it to be BORING!!! For a while there I was worried that I had wasted all my money and time on something that was of no interest to me.

    When I landed a finance role for a healthcare company, I had found my niche! Lots more variety and opportunities (both in finance and in operations).